Hello my Future wives! My name is Keeya Waldon. I want to introduce you to my weekly blog called, ” The Future Wife”. The question you may have is who is the “Future Wife”? Well I am a future wife, and you are a future wife. This blog is for the single ladies who have the desire to be married. Whether it’s your first time walking down the isle or you are ready to give marriage another chance, This is the page where we can openly talk about our desire to be married and not judge one another.

Truth is I wanted to start a blog to connect with women. I am not a huge talker in person, but I am more open when I write in my journal or typing out my thoughts on my computer. God told me years ago to start a blog but I didn’t listen right away. I thought about it and thought “who would care about being a wife?” These day and age women are more into their independence. So I took the chance and wrote my first article called “I’m Single but I am not a lonely Soul.” I typed it out and published it but never shared it. I was not sure if anyone would bother to take a look. I then created this other blog about motherhood. Now there are plenty of mothers out there who tend to overshare every event their child has or just take pictures of them every second of the day! I am soo guilty of that lol. So New Years Day I wrote an article about the joy and pitfalls of motherhood. Again I published but did not share with anyone smh.I did not tell anyone what I wrote about and where to take a look. I was not confident in myself to share my experience.

For the past week I been lead to finally stop being a coward and share with the world my thoughts on being single and also being Christian. Now to be single is one thing, but to be single and Christian is another subject all together! Trust me I am no saint! Never followed the Christian principles at all. I tried but the flesh was very weak lol. I know I am not the only one who back slid more than a couple of times! I am not only single and Christian, but a single mother of three! That’s a lot to take in, but I am ready to talk about it all. Now I am at a point in my life where I am ready to date. But I am also aware that I need to work on myself more. I think it is possible to date but also learn from your experience as you go along. Not stress about having a husband right away but to chill, date and work on the inner woman. Make smarter choices as I focus more on my spiritual and mental growth. Now I understand that what I am saying sound contradictory lol. It’s best to work on yourself and take a break from dating. Yes I agree but I also believe experience is the best teacher. Trust me, as we go along this journey together I will share why I think you can date and work on the inner woman. We ladies are beautiful but complicated. We want what we want but not always follow the principals that we require from our future husband.

I want us ladies to do the self work as we prepare to one day be a wife. This blog will be inspirational without being too preachy. I want to share how I feel about being single and what I want out of a marriage. So lets explore this topic on love, sex, relationship, God, being a single mother and loving ourselves together! I am optimistic that we all can learn from one another and grow and inspire others!

Again welcome to ” The Future Wife”, I look forward to your comments and your thoughts! Talk to you ladies soon.

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