About Me

Hello Future Wives! My name is Keke Waldon. I was inspired to start The Future Wife because I have the desire to be married again. I was married to my first love but he tragically passed away. It is now 9 years since he has been gone.  After he passed away I went on a downward spiral! I have done everything you are not supposed to do. From getting involved with the wrong man to finally being burnt out from dating. I had to take a step back from dating and began to do the self work because I was not in a great place in my life.

Being single was something I hated!! I didnt want to be the single friend or the single one with kids. Society will make you feel less than because you are single and with kids!! It took such a long time to get to the point where I decided to embrace being single rather then see it as a curse. I started to focus on my kids and what I wanted to accomplish in my life.

  I found God again and I made this big choice to become celibate until I marry! It felt great to finally have my life back on track emotionally and mentally! I wanted to help women who have been in my shoes. Whether you are a widow or divorced, we all have been through bad relationships and not taking time to love ourselves. Suddenly The Future Wife was born! I wanted to become a wife but I am very single with no prospects lol. I realized  that I needed to stop worrying about being someone’s wife and focus on being a satisfied single. To be happy in the now and working on bettering myself. Why would I enter marriage with baggage that I never took the time to empty? Being single is giving me the opportunity to focus on me so that I can be a good wife to a deserving man!!!

Keke; The Future Wife will explore everything from my blog, to my vision board and more! I want to show how we singles are ok with not being in a relationship but we have that desire to be married and have a family one day. God want us to be married and have a family. But God would want us to be happy in every season in our lives. To be complete within Him and ourselves before our future spouse come along. I pray this site bless you and encourage you to be a satisfied single until God send you His very Best!!