As of late, dating has been pretty much instinct. No one talks about the date where they were together from sun down to sun up just talking and getting to know each other. Writing love letters and making mix tapes of all your favorite love songs is dead and gone. The only love song we have right now is Ella Mai’s Boo’ed Up.

I have struggled with dating a lot lately, especially with Online dating. I know plenty of people who have found love online, but just not me. After trying briefly to get back out there and date, I decided that searching for love on the internet is not for me. Not knocking online dating, just tired of that whole scene personally.

God knows I am ready to date, but maybe God is telling me He has a plan for me that does not include logging  in and talking to guys who just want to have dinner at their place rather than in public setting (no first date at a guys place for me.)

Just because I am ready to date does not means I should. What I mean is God know when it is time to present His very best to me. If online dating isn’t how I meet my future husband, then why am I wasting my time? I been on and off online dating for years and in all those times never found lasting love. Been in ‘almost relationship’ and a couple of good first dates, but nothing that lasted for 6 months to a year. To be perfectly honest I never had a serious relationship since my husband was killed 11 years ago. The longest relationship I had was three months and I was in a off and on situationship for 5 years, but no lasting commitment.

Half of that reason was because I was not really healed from the death of my husband and that is partly why some relationships never made it past three months. Others I felt red flags but kept thinking it was all in my head when in reality my gut was right! At the end of it I was searching for love and not letting God present the right guy to me. So I made the choice to take a break from dating. Spend time with God and let Him lead my future husband in my direction. Proverbs 18:22 says “He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favor from the LORD.”

In the future, God will reveal to me how I will meet my future husband. Maybe it is through online but not the dating sites I have tried, or I may meet him offline. I know longer stress out about the when why and who. just rest in God’s perfect peace and let him present the perfect guy for me.

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