It’s Okay To Be Single This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It will mark 11 years of being single on Valentine’s Day. There are many feelings I feel about never having a Valentine’s since the passing of my husband.

The first feeling is sad.


I only had Valentine’s with my husband who was my first love and the first guy who gave me my first Valentines. So it’s now 11 years and I have yet to have someone special other than my husband to spend a romantic day with. Though it saddens me I am thankful I did have at least one guy who loved me and wanted to do something special for me.

Second Feeling is Typical.

black-woman-thinking (1)

You may wonder why I choose to use the word Typical when I describe my emotions. I picked Typical because it is very typical that I would end up single. I usually date someone but somehow it always fizzle before Valentine’s Day come. For me to spend yet another valentines single is nothing new for me. It could be a bad thing but for me it’s the bad side of the dating game.

Third Feeling is Contentment.


Yes this year for once I feel content with just being single on Valentine’s Day. Not to say I do not want a valentines or I am not sad about it because I have those moments. This year I feel like I am just okay being single.

I do not want to force an ex or get on a dating site and beg someone to be my valentine. It is after all one day. Love should be expressed daily. Though it is nice that love get a special holiday, I think at the same time it pressure us singles to find someone to spend one day with.

We are forced to say we don’t care about Valentine’s Day when deep down we care. Those who are in a bad relationship have anxiety wondering if their man will act right just for one day. One day of love can cause a lot of pain for those who do not feel loved.

This year I am truly content with being single yet another year. I know one day I might get the Valentines of my dreams from a guy I did not have to rush to get. It is important for me to be mentally content being single before I am taken.

Just because you celebrate one day mean does not mean your relationship is solid and it is not the end of the world if you go into Valentines single. Being happy in every state of your life should be the goal. One day does not dim your light nor should it determine if you are loved.

We depend on others love too much instead of standing tall alone. Being single is not the death of us. I am happy because I stopped pressuring myself into finding a valentines date.

I am content having my 3 wonderful kids as my valentines. We are going to make cupcakes and exchange valentine’s day cards! To me that is the best gift, to receive love from 3 people who truly love me.

For my singles, let’s celebrate those who truly love us! Even celebrate ourselves for loving self and for being the amazing person we are! One day someone will give us a valentines to remember but lets not wait for them to come along! Let’s celebrate anyways!!!

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