Welcome To My Dating Detox Challenge!

Hello future wives and husbands! Welcome to my Dating Detox Challenge! I know that in 2018, this is supposed to be the year of meeting your future husband or wife! We already decreed and declared it. But what if this was not the year you meet your future husband or wife but the year of Healing?

I was so focused on 2018 being the year I met my future husband that I did not right away realize I need healing. It seems exciting just thinking about meeting my future husband. But as time went on, I realized that I am not healing but deflecting my pain by wanting someone else to take the pain away for me!

I thought because I removed someone from the table meant I was on the short road to moving on, boy was I wrong. He was removed from the table but not from my heart. I went from feeling empowered to anger. I blamed him for wasting my time! “He lead me on!” Saying that sounded right but it was far from the truth. He did not lead me on but only told me what I wanted to hear because he knew a small hope would get him what he wanted.

In 2018, this will be the year of HEALING! I started this Dating Detox Challenge because I want to heal the right way. I do not want to date while hurting. Don’t want to date not knowing what I truly need from a relationship.

We enter relationships not truly healed. I want to encourage myself and others to heal! Know what you needs are. Figure out what your flaws are.There is so much to learn.

I am a single mom, so not only do I want to date for myself but for my kids as well. I am a packaged deal! There is no way around that. So I want to learn about myself but also learn more about who I am dating when that times come.

I have a Dating Detox Support Group for those who are interested in joining me! If you want to be a part of a group where you can talk and help each other, then I will leave a link to my Facebook Page. You can join my Private group by clicking on the VISIT GROUP. It will take you right to my Dating Detox Group. http://www.facebook.com/kekecwaldon

I am going to turn this Dating Detox into a blog series! Excited to share more about my challenge! Don’t forget to join my Dating Detox Challenge ! Comment down below your thoughts on this detox challenge.


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