Letoya Luckett Marriage Inspired Me To Never Give Up On Love

Hey future wives and husbands, I want to talk about the most inspiring wedding of 2017. Letoya Luckett, former Destiny’s Child member, singer and actress got married to Tommicus Walker on December 10, 2017 in Texas.

I will tell you that everything about this union is inspiring! Letoya Luckett union with Tommicus Walker was truly ordained by God! It inspired me to break things off with my off and on ex. Our relationship statues was always complicated.

I pretty much given up on love until I saw Letoya Luckett get engaged to her boyfriend. I remember watching her go through her pain after divorcing Rob Hill Sr. She was on Book Of John Gray which is a reality show on Own Network.

On the reality show, she was telling Pastor John Gray wife Aventer Gray that she was trying not to let her heart grow cold from not meeting the right man. She had desire to be married again and almost gave up on love.

Letoya said that a little after Valentine’s day, she was introduced to her now husband by friend Designer  Nicki Chu. They never met. just talked on the phone. Tommi did not know who Letoya was for weeks. They spent time getting to know each other. He sent her scriptures everyday.

Letoya and Tommi had their first date at Disneyland with his daughter and friends. They have been together since that day. I would see them on Instagram and SnapChat on vacation and just hanging out together.

On August 16, 2016, Letoya thought she was throwing a surprise birthday party, little did she know she would end up the one surprised! Tommi brought out her family as well as his family to propose marriage in front of everyone.

When I saw that proposal go viral, it really did something to my spirit! It was that moment and seeing another friend of mines find love was the day I ended my situationship. I knew I deserved so much more than what this person I was supposedly with was giving me.

After breaking things off with him, instead of feeling hopeless about my love life, I began to feel hopeful! Even though I was heartbroken from ending things, I knew this was my chance to one day meet someone who was ready for what I wanted in love and life.

I am currently taking a break from dating. Wrote my last blog post on my Celibacy journey and starting my Dating Detox Challenge. Here is a link if you are interested in reading that post Keke’s Celibacy Update And Dating Detox Challenge I want to take time out for myself. There is healing that need to be done before I am ready to date again.

Seeing Letoya Luckette journey from divorce to marrying the man God sent to her is truly inspiring. Her union showed me that it is possible to find love again. That in due time God will bless me with the right man and not to settle for anything less than what I deserve!

If I were you, I would go to YouTube and watch Letoya Luckett wedding ceremony! It is not only beautiful visually but their wedding vows will have you reaching for a tissue.

The takeaway from this post is to never give up on love! God will bless you with the right person in the right season of your life. Love yourself first and everything will line up!

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