Keke’s Celibacy Update And Dating Detox Challenge

Good morning future wives and husbands! I want to give you all an update on my celibacy journey. I will be honest and say that the celibacy journey is not an easy journey.

I will admit that I have slipped up in the past. But since this is a new year, I want a fresh start. With the celibacy journey, just because you have a slip up does not mean you give up on your journey.

Since this is a new year, I have a better perspective of what I want in love and a future husband. I always knew what I wanted in love but I would slip up with my ex. This is the year that I make wiser choices when it comes to dating.

This leads to my Dating Detox Challenge! I want to start off this year taking my time with dating. For now I want to remain single until I am healed from past hurts. 

Here is what I want to happen during my Dating Detox Challenge;

  • Focus on self love

  • Not run into the arms of the wrong man because of lonliness

  • Channel my lonely times with focus

  • Learn more about myself and what I truly want

  • Heal from past hurt

  • Move forward and date smarter

This is a personal journey for me. I want to be able to date and have fun! I do not want to keep rehashing past hurts, bitterness and anger. The next time I am ready to date, I want to have a better sense on who I want to connect with, not choose anyone because I am feeling lonely and I do not want to lower my standards.

I was thinking of starting a Facebook Page for those who are interested in starting this journey with me. If you are interested, comment in the comment section if you would join my group!



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