Hello 2018! Future Wife Life Goals For The New Year!

Happy New Years Future wives and husbands! I am excited to embark on this New Year. This is a year of Fresh Starts, new goals and new mindset! Today I want to share some visuals of what I would like to see happen for myself this year!

It is always good to visualize your goals. It’s one thing to speak them out loud, but it is another to see with your eyes what you want in life.

Goals For 2018

2018 is going to be a year of growth, inner peace and self love and Patience. Here some quotes that I will be reading for this new year;

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So I want to show you in pictures what my goals and prayers are for this coming year!

Faith Goals

First thing I want to do is get stronger with my faith. When problems arise, I tend to fall back and lose faith. This year I want to be able to keep my faith no matter the circumstances. These quotes will be a reminder to keep the faith!

Career Goals

I want to do more this year with my blog. The first step is being more positive about my growth. To speak affirmations of growth. Here are some quotes that are helping me become more motivated to being more active and consistent with my career goals;


Self Love Goals

Loving self is crucial! Before we can love someone else, we have to able to ourselves first. I am devoted to doing just that this! Read some self love quotes I think we all should speak out loud!

Dating Goals

With dating, I want to change the way I date. In 2018 I will not allow anymore Netflix and Chill moments and no more dating men who are not sure what they want. It is time  to date smarter!

Here are some quotes that will help with my dating life;


These are some of many goals I have for 2018. I hope this post help you get going on some goals. Give you some ideas of how you can make some goals for your personal and professional life!

How are you making changes for yourself? What goals do you want to accomplish this year?

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