Why Leaving Him Is Self Care

Future wives, it is time to leave your ex in your past. 2018 is almost here! Many of us want to practice self care. Telling friends we are gonna focus on career more, lose that weight and stay away from negative friends and family members. But what about that guy who keep breaking your heart?

We tend to break things off from everyone except our ex. I know women who have seriously cut people out of their life except the man who would never commit or just was not good for them.

I also knew men who had a hard time letting this woman go. She would use him and somehow he accepted her right back into his life. What we need to know is that self care is letting go of relationships that means no good for us.

Here are some reasons why letting him go is self care:

self care 2

  •  Leaving Show You Love Yourself

When you decide to let him or her go, it shows that you will no longer accept their treatment towards you. Leaving show you love yourself more than them

  • You Are Ready To Move On

Self care is all about moving on from past pain. Moving on show that you are no longer looking back. This time you are ready to see what your future hold.

  • Knowing Your Worth

Knowing your worth is self care. You realize what your needs are and know this person is not meeting your needs. Once you know who you are and what you are worth, you will eliminate that relationship that does not line up with your self worth

Self care is so important. It also important to eliminate anything that serves you no good. That includes your ex or the person you are currently dating. If you broke up with him because the relationship ran its course, then stay away. Don’t just cut off certain family or friends. Cut off those intimate relationships as well.

What other ways can breaking up serve as self care?

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