How To Tackle The Lonely Single Season

Are you feeling lonely? I know the single season can be rough. We see many who are cuddled up with someone special. For us singles, the holiday season can feel lonely because we do no have someone special in our lives.

For me, I at times feel lonely. There are days where I cry and wish to God that he will hurry up and bring me my husband. How long do I have to be single?

Right now God is teaching me to hold on. During my most lonely season I would run back to the ex who didn’t want a future with me. He was content for the moment. I would settle for the moment but always felt unsatisfied. Left him and then run right back to him whenever I am feeling vulnerable.

I made a vow to change how I react to feeling lonely. I want to share some ways you can tackle your lonely season.

  • Remember Why You Are Single

It is important to remember why we are single in the first place. Some of us made the choice to be single because our last relationship didn’t work out. Other cases we choose to be single because we are looking for something more meaningful and line up with our beliefs and core values.

If we began to feel lonely write down why you are feeling lonely. Realize you are looking for something deeper and you will find yourself feeling empowered.

  • Your Ex Is An Ex For A Reason

Your ex is an ex because of what did or didn’t happen within the relationship. The lonely season will have us running back into the arms of the one who hurt us. Remember that the relationship did not last for a reason.

Remind yourself that you left because you deserved better. Write down what ended your relationship. You already know that going back to him or her will not make things better. So read why it ended and know that you deserve better and will have better when you least expect it.

  • Speak Words Of Affirmations

Whenever you are feeling lonely, speak positive words. Tell yourself you deserve the best.

  • Join A Support Group

Joining a support group is great for those who need some additional support. There are plenty of singles group on Facebook that offer the support you need. We can turn to our girlfriends and family members as well.

For me, getting that support from ladies from all over who is going through the single season are even better.

  • Find An Outlet

It is also good to find an outlet. We can be so focused on feeling lonely that we put all of our energy into feeling lonely. What do you enjoy doing?

For me it’s writing. The moment I start feeling lonely I began to write. That is my way of talking myself off the ledge and I start to calm down.

Some great outlets in addition to joining a support group, you can also

  • Read a book on being single or start a book club
  • Start your own support group
  • journaling is a must if you ask me
  • hiking is really relaxing and will have you conquering more than loneliness
  • traveling alone and with friends

What are some ways you tackle loneliness during your single season?

2 Replies to “How To Tackle The Lonely Single Season”

  1. You posted another great message and included wonderful suggestions. I wanted to share, when I was single and experienced lonely times I found volunteering as an outlet. Giving ourselves away in the proper way can help loneliness and others benefit from it too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is great! Volunteering is a great outlet because you are putting your time towards someone or something else!


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