3 Reasons God Want You Single

Being single is not an easy journey. We are honestly taught that being single is a tragedy and not of God. You know the story of how God intended for man not to be alone. God put Adam to sleep and took a rib out of him and made woman. Yes from that point on when we hear someone is single, especially in the church they will tell you that God do not want man to be alone but to be married and fruitful and multiply.

I agree that man is designed to have a help mate and be married. But I also believe that God do accept singleness as well. Before Adam was blessed with Eve, God had a close relationship with Adam. They walked along the garden together. They also spent time enjoying the garden and all life had to offer. Adam named all the animals and all living things. But God noticed that Adam needed a help mate after he let Adam name all the animals and all living things.

The point I am making is God did not make Eve for Adam right away. He let Adam roam around alone to spend time with God Named all the animals and living things before he put Adam into a deep sleep and made woman from Adam’s rib.

In these days and age, dating has become the NetFlix and Chill, club hopping, text wyd daily type of thing. Relationships are bragged about, people showing out with outlandish proposals worthy of social media likes. So love in this time is not easy at all to find.

I am now learning to be okay with my single journey. I do feel the pressure to find a husband and present him to my children. but I  know that God would rather me be single right now.

I want to share reasons why God want you single

3. Get Your Life Together

woman working

I feel like being single is the perfect time to focus on self. To get your finances in order. If you have career goals, then take time to actively pursue your dreams and goals. You can achieve this with a partner, but it is good to work on this before you meet your soulmate, just so you can have a good handle on things on your own.

2. Get To Know Yourself

spending time alone

I think before you align yourself with anyone else, you should spend time with yourself. It is important to be complete and whole before you are connected with your life partner.

What do you enjoy doing? Do you love to read? Write poetry? Is cooking a passion of yours? The point is to discover who you are first. God want us to spend time getting to know who we are as a solo person.

Once you are ready to meet your future husband or wife, you will have a great sense of self. There is nothing more sexier or even more intriguing than to meet someone who know who they are and what they want out of life.

  1. Spend Time With God

praying woman

God want to spend time with you while you are single. When you take time and pray, read the bible, God can lead you to the right person for you. When something isn’t right, God always gives a warning sign.

If you remain close to God, you can hear him more clearly. You will find more strength with your single season when you let God be the center. For those who are Christians will know what I am talking about.

Spending time with God and tapping into your spiritual side will make all the difference in your life.

Hope this post help those who are still single. We are not often told is okay to be single. Does not mean you will be single forever. God do want the best for us. Sometimes it take for us to be single to appreciate our time alone and having someone special come along.

What are some other reason why God want you single? Let me know some other reasons why God want us single!


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