Holiday Gift Guide For A Single Future Wife

Hello future wives! This is the season to give to others! But in that same breath, there is nothing wrong with giving something special for yourself as well. With Christmas around the corner, it would be cool to buy something special for yourself or a single girlfriend!

I want to share some great gift ideas that your single future wife would love!



For the future wife who is patiently praying and waiting for her future husband, this books and Journals are perfect for yourself and a friend!



This book is perfect for the future wife who is impatient with waiting. Waiting for a husband, children and even career can be rough! I know I can be the most impatient person in the world. Wendy Pope share her personal experiences and share why it is important to wait in  God and not wait on things.

You can find this book an


This book is also great for your single girlfriend who desire to be married. Jennifer Smith share her story of waiting for her future husband. She also share her struggles with prayer while trusting God for his very best. A great read. Check it out.


coffee drinker

Mugs are the perfect gift for your coffee or tea loving girlfriend. Here are some great mug ideas!



All of these cups are perfect for coffee or tea lovers. All of these super cute cups can be found on



Candles are a great gift to give your girlfriend. She will want to light some candles this winter and smell some sweet smells throughout her place.


bath and body works goal digger candles
Juicy Citrus, Fresh Spring Water, Sweet Mango
marshmellow fireside candle
Made with notes of Toasted Vanilla and Cedarwood Essential Oil
comfort soft cashmere blanket candle
Made with notes of Fluffy Cotton, Sheer Musk and Lavender Essential Oil
better not pout candle
Spiced Gingerbread, Vanilla Icing, Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar, Fresh Ground Nutmeg

You can visit or go to your local Bath And Body Works to purchase these great smelling candles!


woman wearing comfy robe

Robes during the winter is the perfect gift for your single friend. When she wake up in the morning, putting a warm and cozy robe will help her get through a cold morning. Check out these comfy yet stylish robes!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2018 Planner/ Journal


A great gift is a planner and or journal to jump start the new year! Check out these inspirational and organized planner to use for this coming year!

My Prayer Journal: A 3 Month Guide To Prayer, Praise and Thanks

prayer journal

This journal is perfect for women who are faith-filled and want to plan their day with Christ as their base. You can go to to buy this planner. The best part is they will let you take a look inside the planner before you purchase.

christian journaling

2018 Planner Weekly And Monthly: Calendar Schedule Organizer and Journal Notebook With Inspirational Quotes And Floral Lettering Cover

2018 weekly planner

This 2018 planner is perfect for the friend who like to write down weekly goals. This planner is well organized. You can read inspirational quotes each month as well. You can also purchase this great gift on

2018 weekly planner 2

These are just some of many gift ideas you can give to your single friends. These gift ideas will not break the bank at all! Great stocking stuffers as well.

Happy holidays and happy New Year!!!

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