5 Basic Signs He Care About You

Men are not as complex as we think. Somehow we seem to think that men are hard to read. We will buy books hoping to get some answers if he is into us or not. But all along the signs that he is into us is right in front of our faces.

Women like myself don’t look for signs but answers. He has to announce that he care about me. If he don’t speak up, then it means he don’t care. As time goes on I am remembering the time I met my husband.

At the time he did everything he could to show that he cared about me. I did not wonder nor did I have to guess. Unfortunately he has passed away 10 years ago. I shared my story as a wife and widow with Blogger NEcole Kane from XO NECOLE. If you want to read about my story as a wife and now widow, click to read some past blog post Why I shared my story with XO NECOLE

Dating in this day and age is a lot different than when I met my husband. But at the end of the day, same rules apply. There are the basic signs he care about you. We have to pay more attention to his actions.

I previously wrote a blog post discussing the signs he is interested in you. Click to read some ways he show he is interested in you What Are The Signs He Is Interested?

I want to share 5 basic signs he cares for you.

5. He Remembers Your Likes and Dislikes

coffee date

If  a guys is paying attention to your conversations, he will remember simple things. When you are out meeting for coffee, it is really sweet when he remember you like a latte or he remember that your favorite holiday is Christmas.

When a man cares about you, he will pay attention to small details we may not think he is listening to.

4. Says “WE” Instead of “I”

couple talking about a futue together

It’s a big deal when a guy mentions “we.” If a guy is not sure about you, he will speak about “his plans” for his future. But when a guy know you are the one for him, he will ask about plans for “our” future. He will want to include you.

Beware some guys will mention “we” with no real intentions of making it so. But we know when a guys actions and words really line up. So if his actions is showing that he genuinely is ready for a “we,” he care about you and care about a future with you.

3. Make An Effort To Make The Relationship Work

Couple talking

A guy who cares for his girlfriend or potential girlfriend, he will make a real effort to make the relationship work. If things are not right between you two, he will make steps to make sure you are in good standing with each other.

2. Always There For You

man comforts his woman


It is nice when you have someone special there for you emotionally. A man who care about you will be there for support. You are having a rough day, he make sure he take time out of his day to talk. If you are sick, he comes over with chicken soup and ginger ale.

When he cares, he will make time for you. He will offer support that you need.

  1. Honest About His Feeling

he is being honest about his feelings

The surest way a guy will show that he cares, is him being honest about his feelings. When a guy know you are the one for him, he will make sure he express that to you.

He will not lead you on. If he is not sure about his feelings for you, he will be upfront and honest. Honesty is very important for a relationship to thrive. So if he is telling you how he feels, then appreciate that. Some will actually lead you on. A guy who is honest and genuine with you shows that he care enough about you not to hurt you.

There will be a part 2 to my list. For now I shared some signs a guy care about you. What are your thoughts on my post? If you have some suggestions, comment below.

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