6 Love Lessons I Learned In 2017

Hey future wives and husbands! I want to continue sharing lessons I have learned in 2017. I recently shared a blog post about life lessons I learned in 2017. If you are interested in reading what lessons I learned, click this link to read 10 Life Lessons I Learned In 2017 

I want to share some love lessons I have learned in 2017. This year, my love life was just a mess! Tried everything from online dating to reaching out to my ex. Through it all, love this year has taught me so many lessons!

Here are 6 Love Lessons I have Learned in 2017:

6. You Can Find Love At Any Age

Couple embracing in living room smiling

I used to be afraid to find love at an older age. I felt like with each year, I will not find love and if I did, I would not have enough time on earth to really enjoy love.

Boy is that a false statement! Women like Tina Knowels Lawson and Gabrielle Union have showed me that you can not only find love at any age, but live the rest of your life happy!

I no longer think I am running out of time. Love is beautiful and can be found at any age.

5.Never Settle

never settle

One of the biggest lesson I learned is to never settle! I have spent most of my time settling with guys I did not really like. Tried to find a quality that was redeeming. Even with the guys I did like, I would make excuses for why they were not giving me what I wanted in the relationship.

It took me some time, reflecting and taking a break from dating to realize what I wanted. Do not settle for someone who you know is not giving you the same energy you are giving them. Love should be effortless. If this person cannot see what a great person you are, move on.

4.Have Patience

couple talking about relationship

With love, you have to be patient. You cannot expect love to come to you when you want it. And in that same breath, when you find a great person, you cannot rush the process. I believe God has sort of set me back from finding love, cause I was not patient with it.

I rushed being with the wrong men because I wanted love so bad. God showed me that because I rushed it with the wrong men, I was left heart broken.

Now I understand the importance of being patient. Let love come to me. Even if I meet Mr. Right, let him lead. He will let me know when he is ready for me to be his future wife.

3. Don’t Force Love

couple hugging

Forcing love or forcing someone to love you is not the way to go. In the past, if I met the right guy and we were enjoying each other, I would force him to say how he felt for me. I wanted to be his girlfriend immediately!

That of course it never ended well for me. The Bible says, “When he finds a wife, he finds a good thing.” So that means that the man at the right time will share how he feels and will know when to take your hand to be a future wife.

So for me, I am learning to be still. When God send my future husband to me, he will know how he feel without me forcing him to want to be with me.

2. Don’t Give Up On Love

Couple smiling wearing white relaxing on a white bed

The beginning of 2017 was so bad that I almost gave up on love! I would unfollow wedding pages on social media. I stopped praying for a husband. If anyone mentioned their “bae” I would tune them out. Just gave up on love completely.

As I took a break from dating, reevaluating myself, I knew I was just feeling defeated. At the end the day, love is a beautiful thing. I still have the desire to love. I needed to be in a space where I can work on myself.

I will not give up on love. It will come at the right time with the right man.

  1. Love Myself More


The biggest take away I learned about myself is to love myself more. I could say that I should love myself first. We all should be practicing self love. But even with the practice, we can relapse and fall into a depression.

Loving myself more meant, even when I get down on myself, find ways to love myself more. That is not by settling for just any man, speaking up for what I want and to be okay with where I am in life.

These are the love lessons I have learned this year. I am grateful for what I am learning. I am in the right place to receive the love I want. It may not happen when I want but it will come right on time.

What love lessons have you learned this year? Have you taken anything from my list? Share your thoughts on love and what you learned from it this year.



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