10 Life Lessons I Learned In 2017

December is finally here! This is the last month before we enter 2018! As I looked back at this year, I can say that the first half of 2017 was challenging! That would be an understatement lol. There were more lows than highs in the beginning of this year.

But my ending is looking much brighter than my beginning. I have learned a lot this year. Honestly I went through the same issues as last year. This time around I figured out how to finish my year out strong!

Here are my top 10 lessons I have learned this year:

10. Everything Will Work Out

Portrait of a confident black businesswoman at work in her

The worst thing we can do is not believe everything will not work out. All we see is the problems and magnify it. But I am learning that things will look bad but it will not stay that way.

9. Stop Comparing


Comparing yourself to others really kill your self esteem. We spend more time looking at what others are doing and it can really affect our self worth. I realized that once I took my eyes off others, paid more attention to myself and my goals, things became much easier.

8. Pray More


I always pray, but as disappointment kept coming, I started to pray less. Prayer for me is a form of self care.

After neglecting prayer time, one of the things I realized is that prayer for me is a must. So I am getting back into prayer time and getting closer to God.

7. Stress Less

woman thinking

It is so easy to stress out about things we cannot control. Even when things are somehow manageable, we tend to stress because it’s easier to do. I saw this post on Sean “Puff” Combs Instagram post. It asked if we had a solution to a problem? Do we have the answer? Can worry solve the problem?

The answer was no matter what, do not worry. Eventually things will come together. So stress less and focus more of the outcome more than the problem.

6. Being Single Is Not A Prison Sentence

woman single

When we tell others we are single, most either show pity or wonder if we are crazy. The opinions of others can make you feel like being single is a prison sentence. Like we are punished for not keeping a man or woman.

There are many reasons why I am still single. If you want to read more about my thoughts on being single, check out this post I Am 35 And Still Single, Now What?

Point is, being single is not a prison sentence but necessary. I am learning to go with the flow of being single.

5. Detox From Social Media


One of the most important thing you can do for your mental health is detox from social media! I am not saying detox for a year or even for a month. I realized that I needed a break from social media when I started to wish I was like the women I saw on my timeline.

It seem like their life was more fulfilling than mines. I sunk into a depression. I knew it was time for me to decrease how often I am logging on my social media pages.

I take a break during the weekends and maybe post and check my page three times. I will discuss my tips in a later post. But limiting my time has helped tremendously.

4. Self Care & Mental Health Is Important

self love

Self care and mental health took a nose dive for most of 2017. But towards the end of the year I knew that I needed to get a handle of how I was feeling. It is important to get a handle on your emotions. Tackle the issues before you explode.

Take time to rest, focus on personal goals and make sure your spiritual self is taken care of. When you take time out to be a better person, others can see it. You will have a glow and your spirit will feel at ease.

3. Speak Positive

speak positive

Speaking positive words over yourself is uber important! We unconsciously speak negative things about ourselves and our situation. Have you ever caught yourself saying “I will be single forever?” or “I am always broke!”

I have speaking negative things over myself a lot this year. It is easy to say something negative but I want to get back to speaking positive.

Every morning I have my kids speak positive affirmations before they go to school. My middle child always spoke negative when it came to her homework. She did not believe that she was smart enough to get her answers correct. I noticed that and decided to have her and my son to speak positive.

When you feel like you are about to say something negative, counteract that with something positive. That is my goal from now and throughout 2018.

2. Faith Without Works Is Dead

woman blogging

Now it is one thing to pray for something, and it is another to take some action! The second biggest lesson I have learned that we have to take action. We can say we want to start blogging, write a book or anything that you desire, it is another to get up and get to work.

I have so many things that I want to do with my writing career. But what was missing was me taking action! Seeing others get blessed made me realized that everyone are receiving their blessing because there was action behind their prayers. I am putting more actions to my prayers.

  1. Patience Is Really A Virtue


Patience is the number 1 lesson I have learned this year. For me, patience has always been a huge battle for me. When I want something, I have no patience! I am always trying to figure out a shortcut to get what I want.

There is no shortcuts! Rushing things have really pushed back things for me. Even with relationships, I tend to want the guy to commit after two dates smh. That has been the main reason why my ex and I did not last. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to be with me because I honestly never let our relationship progress.

After taking a break from not speaking to him, we have reconnected recently. I will write a post about our reunion and why we are friends again.

But with all things, I am learning to start slow. Let things progress. I am practicing slowing down.

What have you learned this year? What areas do you need to work on more? Make sure you are working on being a better you!

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  1. Yes it is! That was huge for me. Social media can really have you questioning your own life. Taking a break from it has helped me a lot.

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