6 Online Dating Tips Worth Using

Online dating is not easy! I have been online dating off and on for years! Have I ever found love online? Well no I have not found love. But whether you meet people on line or off line, love is not easy to find.

What I find with online dating or just dating in general, you have to date with an open mind. Some find online dating to be scary. Will I get catfished? Is he a killer?

I want to share some online dating tips that has worked out for me. I have not encountered a killer lol. There is a way to date online that will keep you safe and having a good time at the same time!

  1.  Don’t Look For Love, Have Fun!

black woman using digital tablet

The #1 biggest thing I have learned from dating online and just dating is to not think you are going to find love right away. When you first start online dating, it will be fun getting all these messages. But after awhile you will see that the pickings will start get to get slim.

So it is best to go in just having fun. No expectations. Know what you want and love will come in the right season.

2. Pay Attention To Detail

online dating 3

It is important to pay attention to detail. How do they describe themselves? Are they ranting about the lack of good men or women on their page? Is their list of wants too much? Is he or she ready for a relationship or something casual?

Read in between the lines when you are reading their profile. What they are saying? Do you agree with them? Is their page overall intriguing? If they don’t write much in their profile, it’s not a total deal breaker, but make sure you ask the questions you are curious about.

3. Pictures Matter

Happy man

It is important to pay attention to pictures someone post on their page. Is there is a date on the pics? Some I find will have a date on their pics and it will date 2 years ago. If you see pics that are

  1. outdated
  2. only 1 pic posted

I would not entertain them. If they cannot find time to update their pictures or show more than 1 then it shows that they are sort of lazy as far as making sure their profile is up to date. We change how we look every year. So if the person say they look the same, they can update their profile showing that things are the same but with a different outfit on lol.

4 Meet Them Before You Actually Meet

online dating pic 1

Another big tip is to find a way to meet your potential date before you actually meet in person. Facetime or video chat is the best way to get the awkwardness out the way. Even Facebook have an video camera where you can be on your phone or computer and have a meet and greet via social media.

This a great way to see if you and your potential date are satisfied with each others appearance. You don’t want the evening to go down hill if you meet and the person looks nothing like their pics. Truth is appearance matters. Before we get to know someone, physical attraction usually comes first.

5. Social Media Also Matters

online dating 6

Another great way to get to know someone is through their social media. You won’t know anyone as much as spending time with them. But if you want to get an idea of who you are talking to, ask them if they have a Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat Account.

Suggest you two become friends on social media. If they do not have any social media accounts, It is not a total deal breaker, but I would take extra precaution in meeting them.

6. Meet Up In Public

online dating pic 7

Meet your potential date in public! It is much safer to meet a stranger where there are other people around. I personally would not meet someone I never met over their house. Even if you video chat with them, still keep your date in a public setting.

Whether you are grabbing coffee or going to dinner, make sure it is in a public setting you are familiar with.

Go into dating online with an open mind. Online dating has a lot of hits and misses. Some days you will have an empty inbox and the next your inbox will be flooded.

Have fun. Go into it thinking you are meeting interesting people that you would not usually meet in person. Be open minded and a great person will enter your life at the right time.

Are you currently online dating? Have you used any of these tips when dating online? Comment below your thoughts on dating online.



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