Singles Guide To A Stress Free Holidy

Hello future wives and husbands! Thanksgiving is only a day away! For singles, it can be a stressful time. We dread getting asked why we are still single or when will we meet the right person smh.

I want to share some ways you can cope with being single for the holidays

  1. Take Care Of You First

writing in your journal

When you know you have to brace yourself to the typical questions regarding your single status, make sure you are okay first. If you are already in your feelings about being single, you may snap on your family and friends!

It is important that emotionally you are okay with your relationship status. Make sure you are practicing self love before you even make it to your parents house.

Write out your feelings before you meet up with family or friends. I find that writing your feelings before hand will help gather your thoughts. Write how you are feeling about being single again for the holidays. Talk about the lows but also list some positives.

Being single during the holidays do not always have to be the worst thing in the world. You are alive, healthy, have family and friends around, food to eat, shelter, ect. Some are struggling this holiday season. It is a time to look on the bright side of being single. Worst things can be happening.

2. Be Honest

women talking about being single

Next step is to be honest. I do not mean be honest and spill your guts about being single again for the holidays. We can practice self love and still get annoyed with the same questions of why we are still single.

When you are asked about your single status, let others know you are happily single and you would rather not spend the whole thanksgiving talking about your status. Instead ask how their relationship is going. You can even ask them for tips you should take in order to meet future bae.

Keep it positive. Keep it light. That way no one can say you are secretly bitter or lonely. You do not have to spend the whole evening talking about yourself.

3. Keep Your Spirits High



We got our family and friends off our backs, but we still feel sad. You see family and friends all coupled up. Some may choose Thanksgiving as a time to get engaged. It is perfect since everyone is already at the house.

So with everyone finding love, it can be a bit overwhelming when you show up single for another Thanksgiving. Just know that though you may have showed up alone, you are still a great person.

You never know what can happen. Your family or friend may bring a plus one to Thanksgiving dinner. If you are happy and enjoying yourself, potential bae may find a way to sit next to you at the dinner table. Love can be found in unexpected ways.

Even if there is no prospects there, just trust and believe that your turn is coming soon. Patience is really a virtue.

Family All Together At Christmas Dinner

This is the time of the year to give thanks and spend some time with family and friends. It’s only one day out of the year. Be sure to give out positive energy and Maybe next year you can bring a special guest to the festivities!



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