10 Qualities I Want In My Future Husband

Hello future wives and husbands! I told you guys in previous post that I am currently dating. As of right now I am not off the market lol. What I can tell you from my dating experience so far is that I have met some cool people and some jerks! But this process made me see what I do want and what I don’t want in a potential future husband.

I want to share my list of qualities I am looking for in a future husband. Of course you want someone you are attracted to, but what qualities should I look for in a potential mate? My list is not in any order. Check out my list below:

  1. Share my faith in God


I am a christian. I was raised in the church. As an adult I have continued with my own relationship with God. Now there is others that believe in a god, but not the same God. The guys I am dating do not share the same faith as I do.

I honestly tried to date guys who faith were different from mines. At the end, our differences were more of a hindrance than anything. We can say we agree to disagree but I find it much easier to date someone who share the same faith that I do. Conversations flow easier and we can have more to talk about.

2. Love Kids


I am a single mom of 3. It is very important for my future husband to love kids. If he is a father himself, I prefer a man who is active emotionally and financially for their children. There is nothing more sexy than a man who is a good father to their children. A man who would like to be apart of my life and my kids life is a winner for me.

3. Don’t Smoke


There is nothing more unattractive then a man who smokes. I do not like feeling I am kissing an ash tray! I have tried to look beyond the smoking and get to know the guys I was dating.

I just could not get pass the smoking. It would be great to meet a guy who do not have a medical card lol.

4. Love To Laugh


My future husband has to have a sense of humor! I like to joke and laugh. I want to be able to laugh with him and laugh at his corny jokes lol. He of course will know when to joke and when to get serious. A man who can master this balance is a keeper.

5. Financially Responsible


A man who can get a hold of their finances is super sexy. I am not talking about a man who is rich. If he spend his money wisely, know how to keep his credit good, and who can manage his household that is a winner to me!

I am honestly am not impressed with designer clothes. I look at how responsible he is.

6. A Gentlemen


One of the biggest qualities I look for is a man who is a gentleman! There are not a lot of men that will open doors, hold hands or even pay for dinner. I know women are independent and can take care of ourselves. But there is nothing wrong with letting a man open the door for me, or pay for dinner.

A polite man who ask if I need anything and want to make sure I am enjoying my evening is sexy. Love a man who give flowers on the first date. I know I would do this for my man, so it would be great to meet a man who treat a woman with respect and care.

7. Affectionate

Happy African American Man & Woman Couple

I am an affectionate person. With the right guy, I enjoy hugs and kisses. I have dated guys who were not really affectionate unless they are ready to make love.

My future husband gives great hugs and kisses. He holds my hand in public and give great back rubs. I would do the same for him. So yes, affection is a must for me.

8. Supportive


It is important that my future husband is supportive of me. I am a inspiring writer. I blog and I want to also write a book. I want to one day make money doing what I love.

When you are working for yourself, it can be tough. Times like this is when I would like to have a man who is supportive of my writing career. Support means everything and that can help you get through the tough times.

9. Communicator


It is important for a couple to always communicate. You have to be able to discuss things as a couple. When I was married, I was not the communicator and my husband was. I at the time had a hard time communicating and would rather be quiet then talk.

But with the passing of my husband getting back into the dating scene, it made me realize that communication is very important. I took for granted all the times my husband wanted to talk and I was not in the mood.

When I get married again, my future husband will have to be on board with communicating. A lot of issues can be resolved if two people are calm and willing to hear each other out.

10. Faithful


My future husband has to be faithful! I know that I will be faithful to him, so we should respect each other and our union. There will be temptations. We may find others attractive, but there should never be a reason to step outside of the marriage.

I am praying my future husband respect me as I respect him. Cause there can be many in a room, but I want us to only have eyes for each other.

This is my list of qualities I look for in a future husband. What qualities do you look for in a future spouse? Do you think it’s important to have a list? Comment down below! Until next time xoxo

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