Is He Worth Keeping?

Is he worth keeping? You are currently dating this guy. He seem to like you, but does he have the qualities that will make him boyfriend worthy?

Dating is not always easy. In between having fun and going on cool dates, there is feelings developing. But the tricky question is “Is he worth keeping around?”

I want to share some ways you can carefully asses if this guy is the one. We do not want to prolong dating this person if the signs show he does not share similar life goals or relationship expectations.

Let’s get started with this list of questions;

  • Is He Consistent?

is he consistent

One of the biggest things with dating is someone consistency. Before you started dating, was he calling you or texting you on a regular basis? Did he at the beginning shared your thoughts on relationships and commitment?

Is he still consistent after a couple of dates? Does he still call or text you? Do he still have the same goals in life and relationships? What I notice is that after a couple of dates, things start to fizzle. Suddenly his calls or text become less frequent. Your dates become more sporadic.  His original thoughts on relationships change up?

If things do not seem to progress, then it is time to consider if you want to continue seeing this person. Sometimes people will feed you with their best representatives of themselves. Once they got you in their spell, they tend to fall back on all the things you originally had in common.

This person had alternative motives. Before you start catching feelings, it is best to sit down and have a talk with this person. If things do not improve, walk away.

  • Does His Actions Match His Words

his actions dont match his words

Is he keeping his word? If he say he will call you, does he really call you? Do he take you out on Friday night like he planned or does he call at the last minute and ask to reschedule?

No one like to feel like someone they are interested, is not really interested. But it’s time to be real. If this person actions is not matching his words, then it’s time to end this relationship. There is nothing worse than hanging on to someone’s empty promises.

  • Are You Stuck On His Potential?

stuck on his potential

You know we ladies can be. We like to see potential in every guy we talk to. He may not quite have it together, but we can see the potential of him getting it together. All we have to do is stick around a little bit longer.

The question is ” How long is too long to hang on?”  Everyone has potential to be the best. Some may need more time than others. But if in time you do not see that potential coming into fruition, then it is time to move on.

  • Can You See Him In Your Life Permanently?

can you be exclusive with him

The last question you should ask yourself if you can see this person in your life permanently? Sometimes we keep someone around longer than we should. Is this person fitting into your life seamlessly? Does he interact great with  your family, children or friends?

Is he treating you right? Make you smile? Come through with his actions? If all these things point to a yes, then keep seeing him and see what the next step will be. No one is perfect. So if this guy do not communicate, argumentative with everyone, and is not making things easier, then it is time to see evaluate what your next step should be.

Do not prolong his position in your life if things are not looking bright for you two. Move on before things get too far. The longer we hang on to a bad relationship, the harder it is to get out.

Hopefully these tips help you. Make sure you are not staying longer than you need to. The sooner you recognize the warning signs, the easier it is to leave.

Leave a comment on your thoughts on this post. Is it helpful? Let me know! Until next time xoxo!

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