Are You Too Clingy?

Future wives, are you clingy? Now I know you wondering why I am asking you this question. Well I was talking to a friend of mines and we were discussing our past relationships. I shared one of my biggest flaws I had when dating.

Truth be told, I was the annoying, clingy type!!! First step in admitting my dating flaws, was to say this out loud, I AM CLINGY. Funny thing about my clinginess was I was clingy more when I was not with them! Yes if I was not around my guy, I needed to know where he was, what he was doing and if he was thinking about me every hour. That is indeed and unhealthy for any relationship.

Are you having a hard time knowing if you are clingy? What are the signs you are clingy?

1.Texting Excessively

texting bae

Now we all know what I mean when I say you are texting too excessively. When you are  texting bae, you barely give him or her time to respond to any of your text. Here is an example:

You: Hey bae, how is work?

You: Just checking up on you to see if you want to hang out later?

You: Was hoping to hear from you since we usually talk during your lunch break.

You: Helloooooo?

You: Fine! I guess I’ll just talk to you later!!

You: Have not heard from you all afternoon! if you don’t want to talk to me, we can just end it.

Him: Calm down! I was at an emergency meeting and could not get back to you until I was on break!

I used this example because I have done this lol! One of the guys I was dating was not responding to any of my texts! I began to text excessively and was over doing it. Turn out my guy at the time was in a meeting. He is a Supervisor and had an emergency meeting.

I was not patient enough to allow him to get back to me. Because we had a normal routine to talk during his break, when he didn’t respond quick enough, my mind went to he don’t want me anymore and he was meeting a woman for lunch.

Not saying all men or women are innocent. That person could very well be up to no good. But I had to learn not to text back to back to back. Give the person a reasonable time to get back to you. I am learning to just go in with trust, if this person is up to no good, the truth will come to the light.

2. Stalking Bae’s Social Media 


When you are with your bae, you may not think you are stalking their page, because that’s your man or woman but you can still be stalking their social media. If I did not hear from bae, I used to stalk their social media. If we were not together, I would check their page out to see what they were doing when they were up to.

That would take over and I would not focus on myself. I would have things I needed to get done, but I was so busy stalking his page, my things was left undone. It is okay to check your bae page. It is even okay to send to leave cute messages under their post. But when you are on their page all day and not handling your business, you are coming off clingy.

3. Too Close

clingy woman

There is nothing wrong with being close with your bae. After all, the closer you are is the better. But there is such a thing as being too close. If you are at a get together, are you mingling with others or hanging around him all night? If you guys are chillin and watching TV, are you hoovering over him to see who he or she is texting? Can you be apart from them more than 2 hours?

You are crossing into clingy if you are not giving your man or woman some space. It is nice to spend time with your significant other or potential bae. But one of the biggest thing I learned is to let my guy have his own thing going. I do not have to be apart of everything he is doing and I don’t have to be everywhere he is.

I had to recognize the warning signs that I was being too clingy. There is a difference between being close and too close. I am learning to relax. It is okay if potential bae do not text me back right away.

As long as we are open and communicating, things will be okay. Have you ever been accused of being too clingy? Have you made any changes to work on it? Leave your comments below! Until next time xoxo!

3 Replies to “Are You Too Clingy?”

    1. Well I need to write a new blog post on how not to be distant. It may help you. I had an ex who was distant, but I found a way for us to communicate better. We broke up for other reasons but our breakup was the most peaceful. We are still friends till this day

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