What Are The Signs He Is Interested?

Hello future wives. Today I want to talk about men! Yes men!!! In this day and ages it is hard to tell if a guy is interested. More guys these days need a little help in showing us ladies that he is interested in us. The biggest question is “how do we know if he is interested?”

I want to dive right in and share some signs that your potential guy is truly interested in you.

Body Language

happy couple

Sometimes guys will not tell you right away that he is interested in you. But one of the ways you can tell if he is into you is by body language. When you are around him, what’s his body language? Is he sitting close to you? Does he laugh at all your jokes? When a guy like you, he does small things to show you he is into you. Touch you gently or find ways to make you smile.

He Tell You

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The surest way to know if a guy is interested, he will tell you. There are some guys that are a bit shy or afraid of rejection, so this guy would need a little help. But if you get a guy who is willing to go for it, he will be straight up and let you know he is interested in getting to know you.

He Communicates


The biggest way you know a guy is interested in you besides him telling you, is how he communicates with you. There are different way guys communicate. But the guy who make time to call you and ask about your day is showing interest.

Calling, getting those good morning text are the best. A guy will pursue you if he is truly interested. He will want to know what matters to you, how you day went and so on. If he is communicating with you on a regular basis, then he is interested

4. His Actions Speaks Louder Than His Words


Once you get pass the mutual interest, next step is making time to see each other. Some guys will say he is interested but his actions do not add up. One guy will tell you he want to take you on a date, but then when the day comes, he cancels.

It is nice when a guy come through on his promise to take you out on a nice date. Not all dates have to be fancy. Me personally, I am the type to consider bowling and dinner at Wing Stop a great date. I am not really into anything fancy or upscale. So whatever it is that you like to do or go, whoever you are talking to should come through and not only tell you he is interested, but show you.

These are some tips I have to share. I will be sharing more in the future.  What are the signs that a guy is interested in you? Share in the comments below. Until next time xoxo

2 Replies to “What Are The Signs He Is Interested?”

    1. yes I know! That’s the biggest lesson I learned, actions speak louder than words! And not to get intimate right away. Take your time and get to know who you are talking to. Thank you for reading


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