Writing Tips That Will Help You Grow

Hello future wives. I want to share with you some writing tips that have been working for me. I am in no way an expert with writing. With my experience in writing and the past gigs I got from writing, I want to share how you can grow just by writing.

I am in no way talking financial gain. I am purely writing about your writing style and how to write in a way that will help you grow and from there you can seek financial gain from your work.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you grow as a writer

  1. Know What You Want To Write About

For me, I feel like before you can even began your writing journey, you need to know what you are going to write about. What interest you? What do you enjoy talking about the most? First step is to think about what will write about.

2. Keep It Fresh

Once you know what you will be writing about, the next step is to keep it fresh. What I mean by this is make sure you have a fresh perspective on the topic you are writing about. The best way to do that is by keeping up with what is going on in the world. Whatever the topic is, research how others is feeling about the topic. You can then write from their perspective but in your own words.

3. Don’t Follow The Trend

This next tip is truly a double edge sword. We need to follow the trend but at the same time not follow the trend. What this mean is write about what interest you and not what is trendy at the moment. You have to follow the trend, but don’t let other trends steer you from what your true passion is.

In my personal experience I loved writing about relationships and the journey of blogging. But I felt like I was not getting the views I wanted. I knew that celebrity couples were always trending. So I decided to write some post about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, Amber Rose and Rapper 21 Savage and more. I honestly did not have the passion to write about the drama these celebrities were going through. I would much rather write about the positive aspect of any couples.

Because I did not have the passion to write about celebrity gossip, that trend for me did not last long. I eventually went back to my original passion. What I am saying is there is nothing wrong with exploring your writing horizons. It’s actually a good thing to see what else you enjoy writing about. But do not follow a trend if it’s not something you are really  passionate about. The reader can somehow tell when your work is something you are proud of versus this person is just trying to follow a trend to gain money or popularity.

4. Be Consistent!

The biggest thing is to be consistent. One of the biggest lesson I have learned is if you are not consistent, you will not get the results you desire. Sometimes we can get excited about a new venture, that we go full force and then burn out fast. Carve out days you know you can write. Do not commit to writing everyday if you know realistically you can’t deliver. If you need to write one post daily or one post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s then do that.

The reader like coming to your website if they know that you will have fresh content daily or weekly. So be consistent and in time the fruits of your labor will come to pass.

5. Don’t Compare Your Writing Style

Another lesson I have learned in writing is not to compare my writing style to anyone else. It is easy to go to someone else page and see how they are writing their blog post or writing their book.

Some style is witty, some are straight to the point. But that is what make them great writers. What make you a great writer? Focus more on your thoughts and how you want to deliver it. You do not have to be witty or have humor if that’s not your writing style. If you come off more serious or maybe too informative, you never know who may read your blog or read your book.

It’s great to get writing inspiration from other writers, but at the end, your work will be seen.

5. Be Yourself

Tip #4 ties into tip #5. In your writing journey, it is important to be yourself. Do not turn your blog or book into someone you are not.We cannot be desperate for sales or to be seen by copying someone else style.

What I tried to do in the past was find inspiration from other writers and apply it to my writing. Now that can be a good thing if you are making grammatical errors or do not know when to add a period at the end of the sentence. But to copy someone else writing style is not a good look.

I noticed that when I started to write from my point of view and my own perspective, I got more views. Not only that but I was inspired to write more because I knew my writing style and kept it real.

What you will be surprised to know is people really pay attention to how you are delivering your words. I know for me, I can follow a blogger and know when they are true to their post or if they are writing in a particular way to get more views. Nothing wrong with that but I love following blogs that is true to self. Hopefully you understand what I am trying to convey.

I have more tips, but I will save that for a part 2 in the future. These writing tips have helped me grow. I pray these tips work for you as it is working out for me. See you next post xoxoxo.

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