New Series: Top Podcast For Women Of Color

Happy Monday future wives and husbands. I want to start off this Monday with sharing with you all my new obsession! As I have explained in my past post, I have healed from heartbreak. I said in my post I will share some ways I healed.

One of the top ways I have healed was by listening to Podcast! Now I know some would wonder how listening to a podcast helped me heal? I don’t watch much TV, I was getting a bit tired of watching YouTube videos. But the ironic thing was I got this idea to listen to podcast from a YouTuber lol.

I don’t remember who she was listening to but this YouTuber said she always listen to podcast when she is in the car or at home cooking and cleaning. One day I was in a sad mood. I was still sad from ending my situation with my ex. So I decided to listen to a podcast while I was cooking breakfast.

I have a podcast app on my Iphone. The first podcast I listened to was The Myleik Teele Podcast. For those who do not know who she is, Myleik Teele is the founder of CurlBox subscription box. It’s a monthly subscription box filled with sample hair products for women of color.

Myleik Teele also has a podcast. I am a fan of hers, so I had to listen to her podcast. I instantly fell in love with her podcast. She share everything from being an entrepreneur to motherhood. So I decided to see what other podcast I should listen to.

I will share my list of my Top Podcast for Women of Color. There are some men podcast sprinkled in there. Each week I will share with you all my favorite podcast episode from each podcast I have listed. For now check out my list. And next Monday I will get in depth with each podcast and what episode inspired me the most.

This list is not in any order. This is a list of my top podcast I am listening to right now:

  1. Myleik Teele Podcast
  2. Therapy For Black Girls
  3. Oprah Super Soul Conversations
  4. On One With Angela Rye
  5. Laila Ali Lifestyle
  6. Kandidly Keisha
  7. Brown Ambition
  8. Happy Black Women
  9. 2 Dope Queens
  10. Angela Yee’s Lip Service
  11. Mattie James
  12. The Casey Crew
  13. The Joe Budden Podcast
  14. Essence Yes, Girl
  15. The B. Scott Show
  16. Reaganomics
  17. Still Processing
  18. Introverted Black Girl
  19. Insecuritea
  20. Hashtags And Stillettos
  21. Black Girl Boss
  22. Behind The Brilliance with Nicole Bell
  23. Another Round

Now I will admit I have not listen to all the podcast that are listed. Some I have listened and some I was recommended to listen. What I will do is share with you all the podcast I am listening to and then I will get to the ones I was recommended.

I am excited to share with you all why I love podcast and hopefully this helps you give it a listen.


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