I Prefer Blogging For Free, Here Is Why

Hello future wives and husbands. I mentioned in a previous blog post that I went ghost from blogging. I share why I stopped blogging and shared why I am back blogging. Here is a link if you have not already read my post here  I Am Back!

WordPress.com is a great platform for those who want to start blogging. It’s free and you can test the blogging waters to see if this is something you are interested in. I decided to test the blogging waters by starting my own blog. Keke; The Future Wife was soon up and I was  ready to start blogging.

Immediately I fell in love with writing. I was able to share my experience with being a widow, being a single mom and dating. What made things more exciting was the opportunities I was offered just from me blogging.

Not only did I have my own blog, but I was writing for other bloggers. Moms N Charge, Everything Girls Love and The Jasmine Brand were the blogs I was writing for. It was exciting to know I would reach a broader audience. In that time many were telling me if I wanted to be taken seriously as a blogger, I should own my own website where I can blog but also make money.

The thought was very tempting. I was excited to know I can combine my passion with a profit. So I went on the journey of finding the right domain for me. I went with Go Daddy because it is affordable.

I started my journey of owning my own domain and having my very own website. Things started off great. I loved being the owner of my own website. You are not limited like you would be like a platform of WordPress.com. I got my Ads up and was ready to rack up. Unfortunately things did not go the way I thought.

To be honest I assumed that I would start making money right away. I assumed my views would triple since I am the owner. Truth be told, I just was not getting the views I wanted. I found out that you have to put more work to get the views and make the money. You would have to pay for Facebook Ads and pay for Google or Bing to get you noticed in their ranking.

That sent me not focusing on my content, but more on how to make money. I would look up every article on how to get more traffic on my website and how to make money. Blogging started not to be fun anymore. When I wrote a meaningful post, the views was just not there.

It left me almost broke for having to pay for Ads and more exposure. I am a single mom on a real tight budget. So I honestly could not afford to put anymore money back into my blogs. I was burnt out emotionally and financially. I had to make an honest choice to either stop blogging or continue to pour money I don’t have into making money on my blog. After having that honest conversation with myself, I decided not to pay for my blog for a while.

I stopped blogging and stopped writing for other blogs. Just needed to step away from it all. But that nudge for writing kept calling me. I thought about coming back to this blog. It is the first blog I ever put out. But I did not like the name of my blog and I was not sure if I wanted to blog under Keke; The Future Wife. I will explain in another post why I hated my blog name even though I came up with it.

What I missed the most about blogging on this platform is the connection I have with my readers. I may not have thousands of readers but I have had the same amount of people who would read my blog and make a comment. I also miss the freedom of writing and not worrying about the views or if I made any money that day.

I eventually would like to make money from my passion. What I realize that not only does it take consistency but it also take money. Nothing is free. Eventually I would like to make money. But I want to come back to writing solely for passion. One day I will get the balance and the money together. The first step is to get back to writing for passion.

I will do more research about balancing it all. But for now I do not mind blogging for free. I am enjoying being back!

Comment your thoughts on my post. Have any of you all struggled with blogging for free or wanting to profit off your passion?


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