I Am Back!

Hey future wives! I know it’s been soo long since I last shared a post with you. I want to share why I have been absent and why I am now back!

  1. I was Depressed

To be candid, I was not happy with my life. The things I desired and longed for did not come to pass. I desired marriage and family. Every time it seemed like I was getting closer to those desires, I hit a stumbling block. I am still single and that was not part of the plan

2. I lost my passion

I was so focused on my issues that I lost my passion for writing. How can I write about love and relationships when I was not even dating? The fact that everyone else was finding love except me sent me on a downward spiral! Reliving past failed relationships and missing my husband who was tragically killed sent me into a depression.

The strong passion I had for writing was gone. Just didn’t feel the need to write.

These are the two reasons why I stopped blogging. I felt like I needed a change. Well it was more of me thinking I needed to change my blog name. Keke; The Future Wife no longer had a great ring to it. I lost my hope for love and a future as a wife.

But as time went on, I started to miss writing. I realized that even if I do not have the love I want, I should focus more on self love more. At the end of the day how can I want love in my life if I do not love myself.

Now that I am back on my journey on self love, I want to share some of the ways I am gaining my love for self back. This journey is not finished yet. Together us singles will find ways to love ourselves and not get too caught up in social media and others throwing their love lives in our faces lol

Stay tuned for some new content. God bless and I am glad to be back!



4 Replies to “I Am Back!”

    1. Fresh starts are amazing! I should have named my title Fresh Start! Thank you for reading. Glad to connect with those who can relate to my situation.


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