Tired of Being Single!

Being single can be the best thing to happen for a single person. Single season can help you grow as a solo person before you are joined together with your potential mate. I learned more as a single woman than I ever did as a married woman. So I am thankful and grateful for my growth. But the flip side of being single is the waiting game! Have any of my single women and men gotten tired of being single?


No matter how strong you are nor how okay you are with being single, there is apart of you that wonder when will you meet your mate. With everyone getting together and finding someone special, you can look at your situation and ponder on why you have not found that special person? Are you open enough? Are you giving others a chance to get to know who you are? There are many reasons why you may feel left out and manage to still feel lonely even though you have made peace with being single.



There is always a contradiction with being single. Though many may feel satisfied with being alone, you can be happy being alone and still feel lonely. I feel like the minute you hear someone say they are happily single, some can assume that he or she do not desire to be coupled up.

For some, being single is satisfying enough and he or she do not mind exploring this life single. Some are single because they needed that time to figure self out and some are single because they get in their own way of being happy or someone end up being unfaithful. Either way the single season was needed.

With that being said, once we figure out how to live this life alone, it would be great to have someone special to spend that time with. It does not mean we are unsatisfied with the single life. It mean we have spent enough time alone and would like to meet someone who compliment our life. I am also aware that many also think because we are Christians and believe in God, that mean that God should be enough. Well of course God is enough but he did not intend for us to live this life alone. God made Eve for Adam because God understood the human connection and believed in having someone in our life to start a family and grow old together.

For me I greatly appreciated the single season. I have grown and I have learned. I am ready to meet that special guy that I know God have for me. What I will not do is date someone I know is not right for me just for the sake of having someone. With my growth during my single season has taught me not to compromise what I want to satisfy a need. The need is only temporary. So the key is patience and having an open heart. Give someone a chance to get to know us.

love is a beautiful thing and it is not to be rushed. Though I am ready for love, I will continue to be patient and let God lead me to the one who is meant for me. After all God will not give you someone who adds sorrow to your life. Relationships is not always easy but the one God will send you will be brave enough to face that life with you until the end of time!

I pray you all enjoyed this post. Hope it encourage you all. Until next time xoxo

4 Replies to “Tired of Being Single!”

  1. How can you be tired of being alone? Cause even if you’re married there are times when you are alone. There’s a difference between alone and lonely, and if a single person is lonely and they feel that has to do with their relationships status, then they need to think twice about that.


    1. Did you truly read the post? Your statement is a confusing one dear. This post is first off for the single person and not the married one. Second as a single person we can be satisfied being single to where we want a partner because we want love and companionship rather because we need them in order to be happy. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting love and companionship. I have been married and I know the feeling of being married and at times still feel alone. If you are lonely within your marriage then that is a huge problem and it need to be solved. I am not talking about loneliness because your partner is away on work or because he or she is out with their friends. I am talking about alone where you want your partner to be present in the relationship. Want him or her to participate in the marriage by communication and spending time with. I would truly advise you to read twice before you make an comment so that you are really understanding what this post is truly about dear. I really hope you are single and living your single life to the fullest mate free. Now if you are married and are alone where your partner is not paying you any attention and you are ok with that, then I think your marriage may need some help. But you seem satisfied either way. God bless and please read carefully before you comment on another person post. Happy Thursday!!!


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