I have FAILED!

Good Afternoon Future Wives and Husbands! know it has been such a long time since I have last written to you all. I have been busy with new business opportunities and wanting to expand my brand. But with working on other ventures I have in a sense abandoned my first love, MY BLOG!

I started my blog because I was going through so much emotionally. Being a widow and single mother, I was at a point where I was not loving life and loving myself. Went from one bad situation to another and was not happy. Had to hit rock bottom before I realized that am worthy of love and knew that I needed to see my worth before I thought about being in a healthy relationship.

With my experiences I wanted to reach out to as many women as I can and encourage her to love self before getting into a relationship. I wanted to tell others about my experiences and avoid the heartbreak that can come along with dealing with someone who is not meant for you. With each post I have written, I received a ton of positive feedback. So In that time frame I wanted to expand my brand to get a bigger audience. With my wanting something bigger and better I found myself losing sight of what is important.

Out of the many lessons, I have learned to fail.  Not everything you do will always work out the way you want. At times you will lose focus on the mission because you want more success and more recognition. With wanting so much you tend to rush the process and lose touch of your original goals. I felt like I was busy wanting more that I was really getting no where.

Slow and steady really do win the race.Can’t rush the process \ nor can you skip any steps to get the success you want. Another thing I leaned is you can’t reach a small step of success and rest on what you had. You should never think you made it because you tend to rest on that. It is wise to celebrate each step you make and keep working and not resting on small breaks.

It’s a lot to learn when you want to start your own business. The key is never rush the process and never rest on your climb to success. Do not lose sight to why you want to start your business and do not abandon your first love because of a opportunity. I now know that not all opportunities are good investments. It is important to really pray and make sure each opportunity that come to you will enhance you and not bring you or your brand down.

Overall I have learned to fail in order to win. Don’t rush the process. Learn and grow! There is no short cuts to success. Everyone in their lifetime will fail before they reach success. Pray more and make sure you are not only surviving this business but thriving!


4 Replies to “I have FAILED!”

    1. I am happy that this post have blessed you in some way! That is the reason why I share my story ! God bless


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