Let Him Pursue You!

Ladies I know that we have come across some men that seem to be amazing! He is smart, love God, Love kids and an all around good guy. I know we are in a time where women are now becoming more open and pursuing the man. I seen women send tweets and direct message a guy! Now I am one of those ladies who have messaged a guy and wanted him to know that I was attracted to him. But I realized that I would much rather have someone pursue me.



I have come to realize that I want to be with the man who see me as the woman of his dreams! I hear women who have been married for years say that a man has to be a little bit more in love with you because he is the man that will do everything to pursue you! I love a man who is not afraid to put his emotions on the line and say how he feels. When a man look at you, he should be able to see a possible future with you.


I tried to be the woman who would be upfront and tell a guy how I felt. I put myself out there twice and let’s just say everything fizzled fast! I was expected to make all the moves. Because I made the first move, I was expected to keep up with them. Call first and so forth. I have no problem with it, but I would like the man to take over and be more romantic and thoughtful.

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Let’s be real, have you noticed that when the right guy pursue you, they will do anything to make you happy. They stick with you through tough times. Always went out of their way to show they are thinking about you. By nature men are hunters. They are the ones who went and got food for the family and took care of outside work while women took care of home life. So that used to be the same way with relationships. A man used to court a lady and take her out and write love letters.He would pursue her and marry her. I truly miss those days!

Now a days men feel like they should not be the one who have to put in work. Men want women to pay for dinner and buy them nice gifts as well. Nothing wrong with pampering your man and making him feel special. But I think it is really sad where a man feel like no longer have to be romantic and have to be the one to step up and pursue a woman. He now is insecure because the last lady took him for granted and used him for his money.

I want to end the post by saying I am praying for the man to pursue me! A man always know what he want. If you are the one. he will make sure that you do not get away! He will not be afraid to tell you that he want you in his life! I am not the type to string a man along. I will know a good man when I see him. We both will know we are meant to be. There will be no confusion on how we both feel about each other. Now that I know what I want. I will be patient and let God lead me to the one who is not afraid to pursue me!

Thank you all for reading! Until next time xoxo!


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