Why Every Woman Should Be Proud This International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day!!! For those who do not know, March 8th is the day women from different regions of the world celebrate our political, economic, political achievements! It’s a day for all to show appreciation, love and respect towards all women all over the world!!!!


I have to be honest and say my younger and miserable self would not have taken this day as serious. Only because I was so focused on the misery in my life, that I would not have taken the chance to really pay attention to what this day mean for us ladies and just how important we are in this world that is said to be dominated by men! As I have matured and gotten my spiritual self together, I can now look at the day in the eyes of a woman who have been through hell and back! I am better than ever because I decided to believe in myself and believe in my role as a woman, mother, friend and sister in this world!


A lot has changed for women since the first Women’s Day was started back in 1909. Now in 2016, we have women who are taking over the business world! More women are now business owners! We have taken back the business world and showing men that we are intelligent enough to run a business and can do it in heels! Single mothers are out here juggling motherhood, the household and bringing home the bacon! I am proud to be amongst the mothers who can hold it down on her own! We are no longer walking around sad because the father is absent in their child’s life. we are stepping up and showing our daughters and sons that no matter what, love is here and we will make sure they grow up to be upstanding men and women of this world! I wanted to give a shout out to single mothers who is doing it all with a smile on their faces! We rock!

InstaSize_0308125151 I don’t want my post to be serious and full of facts. We all can take some time to research why March 8th is such a big deal for us ladies! It is important to know your history and understand why any day celebrated is important. I simply want to shout out to women who is making it happen. I admire the women of today who is taking life in their own hands! I love seeing women becoming the head of a corporation, owning their own networks and law firms. I respect the women authors who write compelling books . I admire the women directors who are using their platform to direct movies and having female writers who can come up with a script that keep the audience captivated. I don’t name any women in particular because I know all women all over the world is capable of contributing to the world in a Big Way!



I want to end the post with a poem written by my favorite author and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou. What I love about this poem is that this represent all women! We all are Phenomenal Woman! We all should be proud to be a woman! We all are sexy, smart, intelligent, strong, courageous ! I am proud to be a woman! I am a proud woman of daughters and I am a proud mother, sister, friend, and future author !

So cheers to the many woman in my life like my grandmother and mother who have shaped me to be who I am. I pray all woman all over the world are proud of where we come from !  Trust me, we are not even done yet.We have so much work to do ladies!


God bless future wives!! Until next time xoxo!


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