Do Team Work Really Make The Dream Work?

Lately I have noticed couples who are either married to their partner in work and life or dating someone they happen to work with. I see more and more couples working together. Whether it is writing books together or having a vlog I see more couples collaborating together as a team. The question I have is do the team work really make the dream work?

I think it is extremely possible to make your dream work with your partner. It is always great when you can work with your best friend. But I also think there have to be lines that has to be established as well. Some may not think you need to set boundaries if you are a couple, but as a couple, it is even more important to talk about the do’s and dont’s working together as a team.

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Now I will be honest and say I am not speaking from someone who have had a working relationship with her man. I am still single. I am speaking from a woman who would not mind having my partner as my business partner in life and in business. I want to be with someone who have similar goals and interest. Even if he do not want to join any venture I may have in the future, I would not rule out if he is a writer and wanted to do a joint blog on relationships. He can speak from a male point of view and I can speak from a female point of view! I think that would be amazing if I found that man who would want to collaborate with me.


The key is COMMUNICATION! I have learned from personal experience that you have to be in constant communication. Two people can be in the same relationship and have two different point of views. In business there will be times of disagreements and different opinions on how business should run. As hard as it is, there has to be a way where two people who love each other and work together at least have common ground or meet each other half way. It is not sexy bringing work problems into the bedroom. Make it a point to put aside business at the door and try to enjoy the rest of your day.


In love and in work, there will be ups and downs. But I truly believe when two loving people have a common goal to succeed then everything will work out. As long as there is no egos and I in team, then there is a huge chance that you can have the dream you always wanted! To love and to work with your best friend! Always remember to pray together about your business and pray about how you both can co exist together with your job. To pray for open communication and that there is always a resolution to any problem that may arise. Keep God in the center and you will go even further!

Thank you for reading future wives and husbands! Pray this gave you some insights if you are interested in working with your best friend and mate. Until next time xoxo





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