Should You Add Him To Your Contact List?

Have you ever talked to a guy  and wonder if his number is worth saving? I know for me saving a number into my contacts is a big deal. When you save anyone’s number it is because you want to keep in contact with this person. But the question is should you keep his number in your phone?


I speak for myself and say that I never automatically save a man number to my phone when I first talk to him. My reasons is because I want to make sure that we are having a conversation on a regular basis. I give a man two weeks to see if we are communicating regularly and if he is putting in as much effort in getting to know me as I am in getting to know him. I save text messages and from there text and call to keep up. I like to get to know someone, so everyday I like to ask how this person day is and ask personal questions such as ” what are you cooking for dinner.” What I do not like is when I am putting in the effort to keep in contact with a guy. The feelings of wanting to get to know each other has to be mutual in order for me to want to keep your number stored on my phone along with the numbers of people I keep up with.


It is important for two people to get to know each other. Whether it is through phone calls and texting, as long as two people are interested in getting to know each other than I think his phone number is worth saving. If I feel like a guy is not putting in enough effort to get to know me and it seem like I am the one who is constantly texting and calling then that shows me that he is not interested and that is when I press delete from my phone.


Now what tick me off is when I delete a number and then two or three weeks later this person have the nerve to ask why I have not been calling or texting!? I am always amused when a guy expect for me to do all the calling and texting like I am some starstruck young girl. I am a grown woman and I want to be able to talk to a grown man who can keep up with me and show genuine interest. I do not feel the need to keep up with anyone who text randomly because for me it shows that he will only contact me if he is out of dates for that weekend.



I want to keep in touch with those who want to keep in touch with me. I am not an afterthought nor am I a filler chick you contact if you are having a slow night. I know what I want and I would love to save the number of the man who want to get to know me and is constant with his pursuit to get to know me.

I pray this post help those who is curious about keeping a guy number in her phone. This goes for the fellas as well. If she is interested in you, she will not string you along and text when she want you to take her out. Efforts on both ends have to match. It is nothing more wonderful than talking to someone who want to talk to you!

God bless future wives and husbands! Until next time xoxo



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