Girl Squad: Is She Really Supporting You?

Good Morning Future Wives!! This morning I want to talk about the power of women! I have come to find in recent weeks just how important it is to surround yourself with a group of women who is there to uplift and encourage each other. I love being around women who are positive and share the same passion and goals I have.


I think we have to be very careful with the type of people we are hanging around with. Not everyone is your friend. You will know who is real when your friend can tell you the truth without you hating or feeling like she is not supporting you. Truth is if she condone everything you do, then how can she be a true friend? Along the way I realized that those who love you the most tell you the truth, even if you do not want to hear it. When your home girl check you with the truth, she only want to see you do better and be better.


Be careful with the women who have nothing positive to say about you behind your back. I have came across women who will say that “that’s my girl” but behind her back always have something negative to say. When a friend cannot truly support you behind your back, then she cannot be a true friend to your face. When your friend is always belittling your dream and goals, then that is not a true friend.


We as women tend to be extra hard on each other. Sizing each other and seeing if one is more successful than the other. It is beautiful when you can be around a group of women who want to see other women win! That is in friendship and just a community of women in general. I am truly happy when I see a friend WIN! I love seeing strong women taking a stand and going after dreams and tackling goals! That inspire me to get on my game to make my dreams happen! That is what a group of strong women will do for each other, encourage and empower! There is enough room for all of us to make our dreams come true! Women who strong enough to encourage each other whether it is a friend or someone you see accomplishing goals are the real winners.


I want to end this by saying that we have to be careful who we call friend. We have to be aware who is really for us and not against us. I do not have a large group of friends. I do not determine my popularity by how many friends I have on social media. I do not really need a girl squad. What I truly value is the small group of friends I have. The ones who I can share my dreams with and who I can always talk to. Even if we do not talk everyday, my friend know I love them and support all that they do. For my future wives I feel close to my community of friends. When I see a future wife get engaged or find love and happiness, I am truly happy. When I see a future wife accomplishing goals and starting a business, I am rooting for you to win!

I encourage you all to pay attention to your squad. Make sure you all are on the same page with supporting each other and being a true friend! Until next time xoxo

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