Late Night Conversation: I Want Him To Blow My Mind

Hey Future wives and husbands! It is Saturday night. Instead of being out in the clubs and dancing the night away (I can’t dance lol sad!) I am here typing away thinking about what I miss the most about my interaction with my husband. I remember the late night conversations we had when we were new in our relationship. When we first started to get to know each other, we would be up for hours at night talking. We talked about everything from family to what we wanted out of our relationship. What I most enjoyed about my husband was that he was genuinely interested in getting to know me when we were dating.


These days you cannot find a guy who can carry a decent conversation. Now men wanna know what your favorite position is in bed or how adventurous you are  in bed smh. What men fail to understand is that women like when you make love to their mind first!


I know many women and  some men know that at the end of the night, sex do not keep two people together. Sex is great but to me conversations can be better than sex! And that is because you take that time to know the depth of this person mind and it draws you in and it can create the best love making sessions oppose to sex.


With my celibacy journey, I have really began to appreciate just how important conversation truly is. In my opinion there is nothing wrong about talking about sex. I think it is a very important conversation to have with someone you are trying to get to know. What is not ok is to ask sexual positions when you have only talked for half an hour. I would rather fill that time asking about hobbies and if we have similar views on social issues. I think for me, sex conversation can wait for later.

These days I remain prayful and hopeful that I will meet someone I can be on the phone all night with. Blowing my mind with knowledge of the Bible and asking me those key questions that let me know we both want more than a good time.

I pray for you all to have that kind of conversation that can blow your mind in a innocent and beautiful way! Until next time future wives and husbands!

How do you want someone to blow your mind? Is it ok to have the sex talk early on in the relationship? Share your thought in the comment section xoxo


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