Why Instant Gratification Never Satisfied Me

Hey future wives and husbands! The day is winding down and it’s about to be Friday night. I know some may be with someone special or going out on a date. As we all know at the end of the night there is this awkward end of date silence. There is so many questions of how to end the night? Do I go inside his or her house for a night cap? Should I resist temptation and go home?

From personal experience I would be the type to say a night cap won’t lead to sex but it does because underneath that night cap is really an invitation to come in and go straight to that bedroom. Every time I gave in, I never felt satisfied. I would go in saying I am a grown woman and I have needs. But those needs never got satisfied. The sex was never really great. It was decent and some was horrible! But I realized that the reason why I never was satisfied with getting instant gratification because I never got that chance to know who I was having sex with.

some have that story where they slept with their partner that same night and they been together since that night. That is not my experience. I got tired of having sex with these men and reminisce about the times I made love to my husband. That was the only time I ever made love with anyone.

 After awhile getting that instant gratification became old and sex became boring because there was no connection to the person I was with. That is part of the reason why I made the decision to become celibate. To allow myself to honor God and force me to get to know I am getting to know. To stop letting my flesh rule my body and sit down and have a real and genuine conversation with this man. Not the basic questions of ” what do you do for a living?” or “why are you single?” questions, but “let’s talk about family and what you want out of life?” I want to dig deeper as I did when I met my husband.

So as you are ending the night, ask yourself is it worth it to give in to one night of passion? Will you be satisfied with sex and not making love? My answer is no and I could no longer end a date with a night cap. So I pray this gave you some clarity and make sure you are doing what is best for you and not what is best for the moment.

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