How God blessed me this Valentine’s Day Weekend

Good Morning future wives and husbands! I pray everyone had a wonderful weekend and Valentine’s Day! My weekend was amazing! Spent time with my three kids. Took them to Kiwanis Park, Its this cool park/ lake. You can have a picnic overlooking the lake. You can also play in the playground area go fishing if you want and boat paddle!This is located in Arizona. I have pictures I want to share of my weekend! Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the lake and my kids feeding the ducks! I had SnapChat and did a video story on that app (if you have SnapChat follow me: misskeyz34)


Here is a beautiful pics of my children! I truly had a great Valentine’s Day with them. I wanted them to know that they are loved. Valentine’s Day is not just about couples celebrating love, but everyone showing extra love to those who are important to them. Since I am single, why not pour some extra dose of love to my children! They know mama love them but it do not hurt to give them candy hearts and take them out for a fun date! All my kids had a great day and It made me feel good!

The biggest new I have to share is I am a Contributing Writer for Moms N Charge!! This blog is for helping moms feel good without feeling guilty! The blog owner Christine St. Vil is a proud mother of three and happily married. She has been featured on, DR. OZ, Black, Married with Kids Website and the list goes on! I have always loved Moms N Charge because the website is full of things to uplift and courage mothers! Whether you need that Motivational Monday boast or giving FlyMom tips, she covers everything!

I watched Christine St. Vil on Periscope (social media live broadcast app). She broadcast live to connect with those who aspired to blog or start a business. As someone who already had a blog, I wanted to expand and become a Free Lance writer for other blog sites. To make a long story short I would follow Christine St. Vil and loved how humble she was and willing to help others. I reached out to her numerous of times to let her know how inspired by her I was. One day I connected with her and asked for tips to grow my blog. Not only did she say she can help, but she asked if I would like to be a contributing Writer for her website! This is a dream I had 4 years ago! She saw my blog and said I had potential and that she is willing to help me grow!

Since it was Valentine’s Day coming up, she gave a list of topics and I can pick one and write a Valentine’s Day theme post. Since I am a single mother who is single this Valentines I decided to write my first blog post for Moms N Charge called 3 Ways Single Mothers can Celebrate Valentine’s Day. Since I already had plans to take my children out for a picnic, I decided to write an article about it! There are 2 more tips I gave to the single mother so head over to and read my complete post! Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

One of the best moments was finally getting  a badge to show that I write for Moms N Charge

InstaSize_2016_1 _ 151945

I got the biggest news on Saturday, the day before Valentine’s Day. After taking my son to his basketball game (his team HEAT won 26-4) I got an alert saying my blog post was finally out!!!

InstaSize_2016_1 _ 151709

A dream I had 4 years ago finally came true the day before Valentine’s Day! That is why I will always have a fond memory of February 13, 2016! It’s also emotional because I got my good news the day before my husband’s 35 birthday. It was a emotional day because it marked 9 years of his passing and not hear to share another birthday. So to receive this news was simply amazing!

I wanted to share with my future wives and husbands that when you put God first, and focus on what you are called to do, He will bless you! I am blessed to become contributing writer. I did not get a Valentine’s date but got something I wanted for years a chance to expand my writing!

Who knows what else the future will hold! God is truly answering prayers and it is happening on his timing and not mines! God bless you all and do not forget to check out my blog post on

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