What is Your Love Language?

Hello my fellow future wives and husbands!! I have one question for you all, “what is your love language?” I know with Valentine’s Day coming up, some of my future wives or husbands may have landed a date or some may be in a new relationship. Lately I have seen couples discuss how men and women receive love. Men want the recognition that they are a great guy, provider, and spouse. Men want you to vocalize that you are proud to have him in your life. A woman love language is shown in gifts and letters. Women love to be showered with gifts, hugs and kisses.

So it made me wonder what my love language is? We all have ways we would like our mates to express their love for us. I remember watching a pastor talk about how he identified his love language with his wife. He said that he realized that he was expressing his love for his wife the way he wanted. He went on to say that when he expressed his love his way, she was not happy. He could not understand why she was unsatisfied with how he expressed his love for her because he put in all this effort and she was not happy. One day he asked her why was she not happy with all his efforts to show how much he loved her. She told him that he expressed his love for her his way and did not ask what would make her happy. She went on to say that she liked when he would take her shopping or buy her a nice gift. She is not a flower or candy type of girl. So he said that he realized that he was not paying attention to what she wanted. Once he did the things that made her happy, it made their love life more satisfying because he now understood what would make her happy.

Now I am ready to talk about my love language!!! I have to admit that my love language is not in receiving material gifts though I will not complain if I got something nice lol! My love language is a mix of emotional and taking me somewhere lol! I love when my man call or text me good morning. When I was married, my husband would always kiss me before he left the house. I like that he did that. Another thing is I am a flower receiving gal. I love receiving flowers and chocolates ! I am that typical woman yes I am lol. I have a real love of flowers which I got from my big mama and my mother. Now its three generations of flower lovers here! My big mama had a vegetable and rose garden. So she had pink, white and red roses in her garden. That is where is my love of flowers began. I am a foodie!! I love when my man tell me to get dressed cause we going to a nice restaurant. I also like going to a nice picnic by the lake or beach. To me it is romantic and intimate. I am done with my small but important love language list!

Here is my top list of my love language:

  1. Receiving good morning text or call (when dating) and hugs and kisses when you leave the house (married)

  2. Receiving Flowers and Chocolates (when dating and married lol)

  3. Taking me out to a nice restaurant or picnic by the lake or beach (dating and married)

I hope all my future wives and husbands enjoyed this post! I think it is good to identify what your love language is so that you can express that with your partner. We all cannot read each other minds, so make sure we are being vocal about what you want in your relationship! God bless and until next time xoxo!































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