When the Love is True!

Hello  Future wives and husbands! I am back and ready to have a chat on LOVE! If you have not been reading my blog, then I will let you know that I love LOVE! I think love is what will make the world a better place. Love is beautiful. If more people would show more love than hate, we would be in a better state of mind as a people. Jesus is the prime example of someone who based is teachings and actions on love. Who else would die on the cross for us? Who would go around healing the sick and taking away all the hurt and pain we have? Yes Jesus is awesome!!!!!

I know it seem like the world is getting worse and the word “love” is so overused that it seem like just another ordinary word! Once upon a time when someone said “I love you”, it was special because they truly meant it!!! But now when someone say they love you, it is now a question about motives? Why do you love me? What do you want from me? So it is now conditional as opposed to unconditional.

So now the question is how do you know if someone truly love you? I think for me real love is an action word, so I think love is not shown not only in word but action! I want to give my top 4 ways I can tell if someone really love me.

  1. He/She respect your faith- For me, I want to be with someone who respect my faith in God. I am building on my relationship with God and I want my future husband to have similar faith. I also want my man to like that I pray daily and blog on my faith and love. When you love someone, you respect their faith and do not try to change their mind about what they believe in. That is why it is important to be with someone who share similar faith because you do not have to be afraid to speak on what you believe in.

  2. Respect my Stance on Celibacy- Now this is a tough one for most and even for me at one point! Sex is not enough for me anymore. I would prefer to make love to my partner opposed to sex. Making love is more intimate and you feel more of a connection. So when I decided to become celibate, dating suddenly became difficult! Guys do not want to hear you are not giving it up! For me, I think true love for me is when my future husband can respect my need for celibacy and will join me in the journey to wait till marriage! When you love someone, sex is not the only way you show love. It is a great time to focus on growing in your communication, getting to know each other likes and dislikes. If he can wait for me then He is showing me he love me and it is not based on what I can do in the bedroom!

  3. Preparing for a future together- I above anything love when a man can show that he want to grow. I mean in every aspect; communication, career,faith and family. When a man can talk about a future together, it is a sign that this relationship is a serious one and he want me to be with him for the long run.  Growth is a beautiful thing and when two people can come together to sit and talk about ways to grow in faith, family and career is awesome! So I think growth is a sign of love.

  4. Treat my Children as if they are his- I need someone to love and respect my kids! I should have put that higher but I think it is important for two people to come together first before we add children. I say that because once you as men and women know what you want and have connected on that level, then you bring the children into the mix with a clear vision that this is not a casual relationship. So when you are willing to work on a solid and genuine relationship with my kids is when you already won!! I do not want my future husband to replace their father, but to be a strong presence in their lives. To be an example of how a father treat his kids even if they are not his by blood. So if he take time to spend time with them, discipline in love and to be that strong figure they need, then I know the love is poured into my children as much as it is in me

These are my top 4 ways I can tell if someone love me. I think faith, respect, family are the foundation in love. I need these four things in my life. It is how I know someone love me. How do you know when someone love you? Do you know what you need in order to feel loved? Take that time to figure out what you need in order to feel love. Feel free to comment below! I would love to read your thoughts and opinion on the subject!

God bless future wives and husbands! Until next time xoxo

2 Replies to “When the Love is True!”

  1. You have some good points here! Number 1 on my list is that the man has to be in love with God and put him before all things including me. In Matthew, Christ said anyone who puts another before him is not worthy of him. I am waiting for God to bring me the one he thinks is right for me. I realised that my choices of who I wanted to be with was not aligned with who God had installed for me. And just like everything else I did that never had God in it – it failed. Letting Christ take full control of my life has been difficult, but I’m happy to say he has never disappointed me. God constantly gives me dreams about a family life so I’m very hopeful and cannot wait for him to show up and show out. God surprises are the best!!

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    1. Amen riverhavilah!! What I do daily is thank God for my Future Husband! I pray for him daily. I thank God for the type of man he will be for me. Now I think God will send your future husband when you least expect it and with the person you may not thought would be for you. Go with it cause God know what is best for you. Keep praying daily. God has a family for you indeed! I can see it! You will get all you ask and think!


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