What Do You Want your Love Box to Be Filled With?

Hey Future Wives and Future Husbands! I want to talk about a quote I came across. This Quote was called “The Marriage Box”. This quote spoke about marriage and what marriage truly require. It was amazing to read. What really caught my eye was when this quote stated that there is NO LOVE IN MARRIAGE! I was taken aback! What do you mean there is no love in marriage!

Whoever wrote this quote made it clear that there is no love in marriage but there is love in people. We as humans have the power to love and infuse love in our marriage! It also talked about what we need to add into the marriage box in order to make it last. Marriage is not a fairy tale and marriage require work and we have to be invested in that work. So what does that mean for us singles? Should we start our love box now?

I think we should start our love box now as a single person. Once we meet our future spouse, then we should talk to our future mates about our love box. So the next question is ” what do you want to fill your love box with?” Just like this person said in the quote, there is no love in marriage, So since there is no love in marriage, how do we fill it as a single person who is not even married yet? I will tell you how I will fill my love box.


    1. I want to fill my love box with God first! He and I have to be both in God and really striving to do what is right in the eyes of God. Not to be perfect but to really live the life God want us to live and treat others the way we want to be treated. If we both are in God, then that will be the glue to keep us together.

    2. Fill my love box with Giving. I think with relationships, there is so much taking that some do not know how to truly give. I am not talking about just gifts but in time, conversation and emotionally. In my marriage I have to be honest and say I was not the best at giving. My husband was better at giving than I was. I was a great supporter for him and I would do my best to encourage and show him love, but with giving, I wanted more than I was truly giving. So this time around I want to be giving and show that I am here and that I can give you all that this person need from me. So the biggest thing for me is giving and that is why it is high on my list.

    3. Fill my love box with Communication. I know for a fact that communication is so important! Without communication, a relationship can not thrive. I also want to add we need to communicate effectively. It is one thing to communicate but to communicate without rationalization will tear communication apart and will end the relationship. So I would want to agree to disagree. Not everything is worth the fight. You have to pick and choose your battles and both be open to sit and talk about issues instead of bottling it up inside. So communication is also high on my list.

      I will end my list here for now. I will revisit my list for my love box in another post. I want all my future wives and husbands to think about love and your future spouse. Think about how you would like your love box to be filled. Pray about it and talk it over with your future partner. That is a great way to start your communication as I stated on letter C of my list! God bless!!

2 Replies to “What Do You Want your Love Box to Be Filled With?”

  1. Such an awesome topic!! Never looked at it this way!! In my love box I will definitely put God first…I want my next relationship to revolve around Him…2nd I would put trust b/c w/o it the relationship will fall apart…3rd I would put Motivation…nothing is worse than an unmotivated mate…Motivation will make you strive to be the best in all aspects of your life!! Great post chica!!

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    1. Love your list lady! I only put three cause my list is too long for one post lol. But I agree that motivation is very important! So is trust. I have that on my list but I will share that another time


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