Why I am holding out for True Love Again

Hello future wives and husbands! I want to talk about how I am feeling about being single in a world where it seem like everyone is finding love. I have to admit it can be rough! I have my friends and we all were single together. One by one all of my friends are finding love except me!!!! That is hard to watch them all in love and getting engaged or spending time with their new boo! I am happy for them but I do wonder when will my turn be.

I do get lonely every once in a while or feel sad that my husband is no longer here with me. He was tragically killed 9 years ago. We have been through so much together but I never doubted his love for me. I knew he loved me no matter what and I have not met anyone who love or felt any love for me besides my husband. Even with my new found love for myself I still would like to meet someone who would look at me like I am the best thing that happened to them lol. I miss that feeling. I never got the look of love from anyone else. I get lust but never that look like they have met the woman of their dreams!

I have came so far in this single journey and overcame lack of self love and depression and pain. I do not want to get to the point where I go back to the where I used to be. I do not want to go out searching for love. Truth be told I searched for love and never got the love I wanted or yearned for. I have found love with myself and with God. But I do yearn for a soul mate and true love. I had that once before, so I at times feel like I may never get that type of love I had again.

But I will not give up thanking God for my husband. I pray for him every day and night. It will be a perfect time for us to meet finally! I am excited to meet this person God has for me. I can’t focus on how he will come into my life, just have to believe that he will come and be the man that God called him to be!

I will keep going in God and keep my faith that he already have that right person for me. This person will be celibate like me, in God like me and want a family and want love and a best friend like me. So I want my future wives and future husbands not to give up on true love! Do not go ahead of God’s plan because you are feeling lonely and in your feelings. Just trust and believe everything will work out the way it is meant to be and it is exactly how God planned it to be!

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