Fall In Love with Yourself This Month!

Hello Future Wives and Husbands! I know that today is officially the Love month, February!!! It is never easy to be single. We as single men and women have good days and bad days. But it is especially hard to be single during the holidays, but in particular Valentine’s Day is always tough!!! Being single is great because it gives you time to focus on SELF! Focus on spiritual self and career and interest and goals. But let’s be real, Valentines Day is always that time of the year when Love is being Celebrated and you are single!!

I have been single for 9 years. Since my husband passed I only had one Valentine and it was a DISASTER!! So technically that Valentines do not count and I have been single and had no real love or Valentine’s in 9 years. I used to be depressed every Valentines and I have always made a goal to have a date for once on February 14th! I would meet someone but I would always end up single right in time for Valentine’s Day!! I could not for the life of me figure out why I could never have a real relationship and have a romantic day! I am a true romantic! I really love LOVE and I love receiving chocolates and drink champagne and all that gushy love things. But till this day have not met anyone special and it used to make me sad.

 Now I decided to look at the month of February as a month not only as great time to celebrate my history which we really should learn and celebrate daily but I want to use this month to also celebrate loving ME which I should do daily. I decided not to look at Valentine’s Day as a day just for couples but it is a time to really focus and loving Me a little bit more!

I do have three kids, so I will celebrate the day of love with my three loves! My son always make me something special and I am looking forward to that! In a later post I would love to give some tips for my single future wives and husbands on how to find ways to celebrate love with yourself. But for now I just wanted to share a little about my Valentine’s Day experience and want us all who are single to be happy and be patient. I know God have someone special for all of us. I have learned that when I go ahead of God, I never get what I want. So this month I will continue on my journey of self love and not rush God’s timing!

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