Why He won’t become Exclusive with You!

Have you ever liked someone and all you wanted from them was to like you in return! I have been there many times! I have to say it is a bruise to the ego when someone do not recognize you or see you as a potential girlfriend. But I want to tell all my future wives that he will not choose you unless he see that you will fit into his life.

I used to wonder why the men I was involved with was not the one for me? I used to see them running around single and free. I would want them to see me more than some causal fling. But all they saw was desperation and lack of confidence. After things did not work out, I then will see them months later involved with someone and they become exclusive with this new boo!

It blew my mind because I could not for the life of me settle down with anyone. Part of the problem was me! I did not realize at the time that I carried baggage from my past. I was not done healing from the death of my husband. I was not really happy. I made myself out to be happy and love being single, but what the men saw was my lack of self love. They saw that I had issues and I was not really ready to be in a relationship. But that was my story. Yours can be something completely different.

What I noticed was that the men were not giving much chances to the ladies who were in a great place in their lives. These women are beautiful, successful, smart and had it all together. But the problem is they could not find a great guy to settle down with. I had one ex who I am cool with tell me that a man can see a great woman and know that she is a great catch. There is nothing wrong with her at all. Fact was if a man do not see a future with you then he will not make it official. Deep down a man know what he want and it’s just not you.

I think half of the problem is that we have to know when to back away from the relationship if there are signs that things are not heading towards a future. If it take a man over 6 months and he do not know how he feel about you, then it is time to move on. Do not hang around in hopes that he change his mind! Sometimes it take for you to walk away for a man to see that you are the one. That was the case with my husband. When we were dating, we broke up for a little bit. It took for us to break up for my husband to see that I was the one for him! So he asked me to get back together with him and we soon got engaged afterwards. So ladies do not be afraid to walk away if there is no signs of growth!

Do not feel bad if he did not choose you to be exclusive with! It will hurt when you see someone you spent so much time with move on with someone else! I had an ex who said he would never get married. He said this to me because I know he saw the desperation I had about marriage. He knew I wanted to be married and I was really going in about marriage and he just did not see that with me. But when we broke up, he went and dated a good friend of his and married her and they had a child together! I was hurt because he knew how much I wanted to be married but he just did not see a future with me. I had to make peace with that and at the end of the day, I know he was not the one for me. So I am thankful now for being single because I got to know myself and worked on myself. I am more ready to be married now then I was back then. The difference is I am more patient and want God to lead me to the right person who will see me and know I fit into his future and he fit into my future.

God has someone very special for us ladies. If this last guy do not see our worth then it is his lost! Let’s not give up on love and let’s pray and let God do the lending. His perfect mate for us will be ready and embrace us with open arms!!!

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