The Constant Battle of the Flesh

SINGLE AND CELIBATE!!! Yes I have to admit that there are days I am happy to be celibate because in the past, I got tired of getting intimate with men that did not have good intentions with me. So that was the biggest reason I decided to make that choice to become celibate. I want to wait for the man that will respect me and see me outside of the bedroom. But that don’t mean that there are days where I wish I could meet a great guy and we just make love all night long!

Being single with no prospects at the moment has helped the celibate process lol. It is easy to remain celibate because there is no temptations for me. I know I can get away with not giving in to the men who don’t want anything from me because I am over casual sex from guys who I know don’t want more from me and vice versa. But I do wonder what will happen when I finally meet my future husband!

I get nervous because I know I have made my promise to God that I will wait till marriage before I become intimate with my husband. I made that choice because not only because It is right to wait in the eyes of God, but because I want to get to know my future husband mind and spirit. I want to be clear on what we both want in life. Our dreams and goals. To know what habit we have that is good and bad. I want him to know all of me and me all of him before we become intimate. Sex always complicate things and you can get caught up in some good lovin, so you tend to ignore warning signs because you just want to make up and get in that bed! lol

So I made that choice to ask God to send my future husband celibate just like me lol! I prayed that we both can remain strong and wait till marriage to become intimate. Now I already know what most will say, What if you get married and he is terrible in bed or if you don’t satisfy your husband! Well I feel like that is a topic you discuss before you get married. You have to talk about sex because you will want to know what your future spouse will like and what they will not like. There is a way to discuss sex where it is not so sexual that you give in to sex. When you are having a mature conversation about sex and it is based on love and not flesh, then you can at least have some idea what your partner want. Now if the sex is not to each others satisfaction, then you have to work that out like you work out an disagreement or issue in the relationship. You have to communicate what you want done and take the time to make each other happy. If sex is the reason you get a divorce than that is sad.

That is why I pray for open and honest communication with my future husband. I want our relationship to be solid and we both always on the same page or at least can come to a happy medium. I look at Devon Franklin and Meagan Good as my role models for a couple who waited until marriage to become intimate. They have proven that just because you did not have sex before marriage does not mean they can not have a satisfying sex life after marriage.

So I will be thanking God daily for the resisting of temptations when I meet my future husband and I will be praying that he in turn will resist temptation and we stay on course to wait till marriage until our bodies become one!

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