Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Hey Future Wives and Husbands! I want to talk about LOVE! We all want love and need love but Jesus dying on the cross proved that because He died for us to live, Love for us does not cost a thing.

I know some may not agree cause love do come with some price. I say that it is true in some way. Some have died for love, got heart broken in love and some just don’t know how to love and that cost them their relationship. I wanted to talk about the aspect of true love. I am talking about the love that don’t have to cost anything. The type of love that enhance your life and make life new and enjoyable. The type of love that make you want to be a better person. You don’t have to sacrifice anything to have it but more about maintaining it and working on making your relationship grow.

I know with society they will make it seem like you have to buy someone love. Some feel like they have to give in to sex cause if they do not then that person will leave. Or some may want money or material things and feel if this person give them these things then that mean they are loved. Well If that is what it takes to prove you love someone then is that really love? For me of course I would want someone to buy me something nice or give me money if I need it. But what defines love for me is all emotional. Do he spend his free time with me? Do he write me cute notes or text to say he is thinking of me? Do he call me every night and make sure I am ok? Do he want to get to know me beyond the bedroom? Will he be with me and join me in my celibacy journey? There is so much more I can say but the point is the things I look for the most does not cost anything. Well if time is what it cost then it is still free lol!

Love is a beautiful thing. But I want everyone to think about love and what love means to them? What make you love someone? Why do you love this person? We have to take the time to evaluate love and know what we want out of love and what will make us happy. But be sure to love for all the right reasons. Make sure that we love unconditionally and that we can love in all seasons of our lives. Be able to love in the good and bad, sickness and health, falling in love and falling out of love. But always come back to each other because love is the reason you are with this person in the first place.

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