Don’t find me if you are Incomplete!

Hello!! Future wives and husbands, have you found yourself? Have you spent so much time with yourself that you feel complete? If you have not then I suggest you take time to be alone. As you already know, I am always talking about alone time and how I have found myself and my purpose by spending time alone. That is when I discovered what I like and don’t like. I have a better handle with my love life because I am no longer confused about what I want and I no longer straddle the fence about wanting a serious relationship or wanting a casual relationship. I am planted in what I want and will no longer let anyone try to sway my beliefs or standards. But of all that I have learned, I decided that I do not want to be with anyone who say that I complete them.

I spent most of my life wanting someone to complete me, If I was not in a relationship, I just never felt whole. I went on this desperate search to find my better half but I realized that God is my better half! Yes I needed to be complete within myself and then have God be that better half because it is God that can make us whole! For me that is how I feel. Once I got myself together and felt complete within me, I began to wonder about my future husband. Is he looking for a better half because he has not found completeness within himself? Is he satisfied being single and happy? There are many that are single but not happy. Some will say they love the single life but their actions show otherwise. I made the conscience decision to pray that my future husband is complete within himself before he find me.

I realize how powerful prayer is, so I want my future husband to be in a great mental and emotional state before he find me. I want him to have a strong relationship with God and himself and his family. I took the time to mend relationships that was broken and have mended my relationship with myself.  To forgive myself for the past and I then looked forward and left that pain behind. I would like my man to be open and ready for me but not because he is desperate for a wife but because he is ready to add his life a partner who is happy and in a good place in her life. Two complete people meeting because they want to add to their life and not because they need someone to fill a lonely void is the best.

Even when you are complete, you will want a life partner. I am not saying to be so complete that you don’t need a man or woman, but just complete enough to be genuinely happy and ready for love. I include in my prayer for my future husband to be happy and complete as I am now happy and complete. We both will be ready to love and it will add joy and not to self medicate pain from the past that we have not dealt with.

When you talk about what type of man or woman you want, make sure you pray your potential is happy and complete within and that you are there to share in that joy, love and happy place! God bless and I pray this help those who is not complete that they are taking time to work on self and then add someone who is just as happy as you are!

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