How I fought to Become the Woman I am Today

Happy Sunday Future Wives and Husbands! I wanted to talk to you guys about 2016 and how I am making this year the best year yet! I want to talk about how I began my journey to better myself and how I am now seeing results! I have been through so much and I did not think I would be able to stop digging holes in my life! I want to tell you how I fought to be a better woman and mother! I will cover how I have better myself in three categories. My love life, my career life and most important my Relationship with God!

1)Relationship with God: Ok I will start with my relationship with GOD! I have to start with God cause this is how my journey began! I was suffering in all areas of my life.  I did not have a good handle on anything because I was focused on what I didn’t have and I was not in tune with God. I had to finally wake up and say I am going to get back right with God! I knew that would be the first step to getting my life back on track! Ever since I decided to work on my relationship with God, He has shown me things that I would not have seen if I was back worrying about things. I have learned to trust God more and I have seen His hand in my life! I made mistakes and instead of having self pity and thinking God would not love me, I prayed about it and kept pushing! So now I have a much fulfilling relationship with my Lord! Thankful!

2) My love life: The next thing I had to work on was my love life. Fact was I never had a great love life. After my husband passed, I went on a downward spiral and could never get to a happy place with my love life. The reason for that was because I did not love myself. I did not take the time to get to know myself. So I decided that I will become celibate and finally get to know ME! I needed to know why I was choosing the wrong men and why I had a hard time being happy single. Well I realized that I did not have a relationship with God the way I used to, so I was putting energy in men and not God. Once I got back with God, I was able to see why I was not happy single and God wanted me to be happy within myself before He send me the husband He has for me. So I deleted old phone numbers and closed my online dating accounts and focused on what I wanted! Now I have clarity and self control. I don’t let my flesh rule my body to where I give in to a man because I am lonely and need someone to make me happy. I have learned to be happy alone and single. I have spent more time with God and He has filled the loneliness that I once had. Not to say I don’t miss the company of a man and that I don’t crave intimacy in a physical way, but I am no longer willing to compromise my heart and body for anyone who is not in God and who don’t want what I want out of life. Now the man I want has to be in God, celibate, and is ready to settle down and have a family. I no longer date men who is out for a casual relationship in hopes that I can get him to change his mind! God has someone Amazing for me and I am willing to wait for God’s best!

3)My career: The next step was getting my career life on track! I wanted to become a writer and blogger but let distractions of lack of love and God get in my way. With my relationship with God growing and taking a much needed break from sex and dating, I was able to dive into my career goals. I have blogged more and I have been more diligent in writing. I cut the T.V off and listened to people who were career driven and put in that work to get to where they are now. I also listened to pastors such as TD JAKES and Toure Roberts and Devon Franklin and worked hard on writing and blogging. My breakthrough came when I wrote my recent article about taking an Essence Magazine online webinar course based on Devon Franklin and Meagan Good’s upcoming book called: The Wait.  This book is about practicing Celibacy and how becoming celibate before they met each other strengthen their relationship as an individual and as a couple. So they partnered with Essence to do a free webinar course. I took the course and wrote a blog about it. Well to my surprise Devon Franklin himself made a comment on my instagram thanking me for my support of their book and webinar!!! I was in shock! I have watched this man preach and give a word and he actually see my support! Not only did I get a thanks from him but also from Charreah Jackson herself! This lady is the Relationship and Lifestyle Expert for Essence and she is the one who produced this webinar! She actually read my blog and made a comment on something I wrote on my instagram!I was on cloud nine and had to give credit to God for getting me to focus on Him and not a man. He has blessed my writing and I got some recognition for one of my blog post! That post became on of my most read blog post!So I am very grateful. That is only the beginning and I know God as a bigger plan for myself and I intend to let God lead and Guide me every step of the way!

So far 2016 is shaping to be my best year yet! I have fought hard to get strong in God and get a handle of my love life and career. I am happy I did not give up! With anything, you have to stay the course that will benefit and enrich your life! I have fought not to give up when I did not see the results that I wanted. I kept praying and moving forward! So I am happy with where I am right now in my life! I will continue to move forward in a positive way and Have God with me every step of the way!!

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