The Wait 101: Why I took Devon Franklin and Meagan Good’s Free webinar based off their book

Good Morning Future Wives and Husbands! Today I wanted to discuss this book that will be coming out Febuary 2.THE WAIT by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good is a book about the powerful practice for finding the love of your life and the life you love. It’s about learning to find fulfillment as a single, celibate man and woman.

Devon and Meagan both discussed why they decided to become celibate for themselves and how they remained celibate throughout their courtship. Becoming celibate before they met each other have enriched their lives individually and how it strengthen their relationship as a couple. They have partnered up with Essence Magazine online and have an Free webinar based off their book: The Wait.

When I saw that they had a course I automatically jumped on and signed up for their course! I became excited because as a woman who have decided to become celibate and wait until marriage, I was happy to see that there are people out there who have practiced celibacy until marriage. The celibacy life have truly enriched my life! I have found that I have listened to God more and He have shown me what my dream life can really be. Since I have refrained from sex and dating I have found my dream career, taking care of myself mind, body and spirit!

I have been following Devon Franklin and Meagan Good’s relationship from them dating to their marriage! So I had to take their course and see what tips they had for us single woman and man! I loved their course!! It was first of all free! But it was straight to the point and gave amazing tips and quizzes for us to take. They talked as a couple and they also talked individually repping for the men and woman. I liked their tips for dating while celibate and how to live your best life individually before you get into a relationship! One of the quizzes I took, it said I was a Waiting Warrior! You would have to sign up for the free course to see what quiz it was.

Febuary 2 I will definitely pick up The Wait! I want to keep up my celibate life and when I am ready to date again, I want to stay focused on the reason I became celibate and make sure I don’t fall off the wagon and to date someone who have the same values and goals that I have. It is important to read books and take classes that will help you stay on course and to keep you motivated.

Make time to check out and go to Empower U and sign up for their free webinar course on The Wait! You will learn something new or you will be able to stay motivated! God bless you all and I hope this bless all my celibate friends here!


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