Future Wife New Look! Men can Join US

Good Morning Future Wives and now Future Husbands! I wanted to send out this nice but quick message for the fellas! I have had men who follow my blog and asked me if I can include post about the men who want to be acknowledged for being good men and who are ready to settle down! Well I have listened and decided to write more post that include the good men out there who are ready for their Future Wife!

Amongst the men who are not ready to settle down and only want to Netflix and chill, are men who are ready to leave their player life in the past and are ready to settle down. God has spoken to me about this in prayer. After all, I am praying for my future husband, so while I uplift my future husband, I want to use this platform to uplift God fearing men and just men who want to settle down. Not to say that men are all bad, just saying there are some who don’t understand the value of a good woman and at times miss the mark. I am aware that there are women who have not treated men the best and at time break a man spirit down or push them away because of past hurts. I am here to know tackle all topics!

I will now write from both perspectives and let the ladies what’s up and also tell the men what to look for in a future wife. I hope this new merging of men will open up conversation and have us grow closer because we all no matter what gender all at the end of the day want the same things in life and now realize just how important family truly is! God Bless and welcome to the NEW FUTURE WIFE!


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