Praying for my Future Husband in 2016

Dear Future Husband,

       This is a New Year! I am praying that your year is filled with Love and many Blessings. I pray that you are healthy and strong. I pray daily for your health and safety as God keep you safe. I am saving myself for you and I know you are saving yourself for me. I know you are praying for me and keeping yourself for me as well. I am thankful that you are a praying man. I know we will meet soon. I am continuing to do the self work and focus on my relationship with God. I know you are doing the same. I am thankful that you are focusing on God and being the best man you can for our family.

I know many will not understand me praying for you because I have not met you yet. I am single but yet I am taken. Most will not understand how God’s plan will work for us. They will not get us praying for each other and preparing for each other simply because we have not even had a first date yet!

Well if they would look in the Bible and turn to Hebrews 11:1 now faith is the confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This scripture show us that Jesus want us to believe in what we don’t see because it is already there when we trust God and move forward in faith. Most pray for a career and some pray for that house they want and don’t have yet. But when you keep speaking the things we want, it eventually come to pass in the season in our life that it is meant to happen.

I speak this daily future husband; Mark 11:24-therefore I tell you, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believe that you receive it and will be yours. I believe in what I pray for Future Husband. I will not lose my faith in you as you will not lose faith in me. Daily we see others meeting with their soul mates and we may wonder when will we meet each other? Well let’s keep our eyes on God and trust that He will have us meet when it is time and ordained. Our timing is not God’s timing. God want us to meet and have already planned it all out. We just have to keep focus on God and He will have us meet at the perfect time! That precious time will be the perfect time and we will know it was not us but HIM!

Until that ordained time. let’s continue to pray for each other. Keep uplifting each other in our prayers. Believe that we will meet soon and it will be blessed and ON TIME! I love you and I continually thank God for blessing me and preparing you just for me! I will see you soon!

                                                              Love Keeya, your Future Wife



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