New Year’s Resolution: Let Love Find Me

I have learned so much this past year! Out of everything I have learned, I have learned to LET LOVE FIND ME! Yes love is a wonderful thing. We all crave love and want love and want to feel loved. With that we at times can be overly excited to get it. Chasing after the wrong person to receive the love we crave. Looking for others to love us without loving ourselves first. But what I learned the most is to love myself before I can receive love.

Loving myself first is the biggest thing for me. I spent so much time searching for someone to love me that I never took the time out to love myself. Loving yourself is extremely important because when we take the time to love ourselves we can be open and ready to receive the love we crave. What most don’t understand is love from others will not fill the emptiness that is in the inside of you. What is missing is your love for yourself and the love of God!

For me, I give credit to God for loving myself. Yes God is the reason why I love myself now. When I did not have God, I chased love and depended on others to give me the love I could not give myself. After failed encounter with men, I was burned out and tired. So I decided it was time to get my life back in order. First step get my relationship with God back on track! I have not spent time with God or even prayed. So I began to work on praying more.

One day God spoke to me and told me that once I understand His love for me then I will understand the importance in loving myself and allowing the right person to love me! Revelation! I decided to finally stop dating for a while so that I can get to know myself! Why was I chasing the wrong men? Why did I not love myself? What did I want from a future husband? I had to get to know myself again and get to the root of my issues and how to get it together!

So now that I have done the work, I am open to love again. But this coming year I will not chase love or ignore my need to love myself. I will focus on loving myself more and pray more and focus on career and children. But I am proud of myself for letting go of the chase and get back with GOD! I am more happier now than I ever have been!!! I am happy because I am in a great place. I am blessed that I got back with God and I will no longer chase love but LET LOVE FIND ME!

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