I wanted to drop in to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know there are some that are single this Christmas Day. I am one of many who do not have someone special to exchange gifts with but I do HAVE PLENTY OF LOVE! I have my three beautiful children and I have my family and some friends, so I have to say I am truly blessed!

I know there is someone special out there for me and there is someone special out there for you as well. But until then we enjoy our single life and enjoy good people that surround us this day! We enjoy good food, good gifts, great family and friends, and we celebrate Jesus Christ and be grateful we are blessed to live to see Christmas. With our health in tact, with a roof over our heads, we have plenty to be thankful for because some are spending this day at the hospital, some are sick in bed, some may not have a joyous Christmas. Lets take this day and pray for those who need it.

Most of all, with all the love that surround us, I pray that you are LOVING YOURSELF THIS DAY! We are single but we are not a lonely soul! We are not defined by our single statues but we are getting prepared for God’s Best! So don’t be down today. I want everyone to know that YOU ARE TRULY LOVED ! JESUS love you and He want you to love YOURSELF!



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